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For a double header Tigers in New York Yankees were rained out yesterday a straight double header today not a split double header this is old style answer baby and right now Jim talking to the little better feeling here at home the offenses perked up here at home in the last month no question about a good hitting is contagious we saw good hitting the first game of the series actually to where they were rained out yesterday because you have that good feeling I carry over the next day they can bring it here this a double header today see see see a bath there was going to start the game yesterday he's been pushed back to game two today really serving as an opener J. have a pitch of the Tigers have had some success against in the last year we'll go for the Yankees in game one the Tigers will counter with Matthew boy who was terrific against the Yankees earlier this year in New York Tigers and Yankees first of a double header thank you getting ready to take the field this check those starting lineup to Jim alright Dan about your body to it actually free next day shipping on all your auto parts needs for the Yankees the off playing second base the jailer Mayhew the right field and batting second Erin judge batting third the DH Edwin Encarnacion at first base and batted cleanup loop void ready fifteen plays shortstop Didi Gregorius. at eight six to play third base geo or shallow. in center field and betting seventh Cameron Maybin. the gates play left field with Fraser valley and I think catching Austin Roma for Detroit the offer playing center field Victor Ramos at first base said that a second chamber Candelario Maddie third the DH the big man Miguel Cabrera. at second base and batted cleanup ruddy red Regus body fit to play third base that logo that expects to play left field Kristen Stewart. right field and batted seventh Travis demerit. getting about eight J. Rogers about a nine point shortstop for your Tigers Willie Casterbridge match up to seven brought by the metro Detroit. Toyota dealers fun about over thirty offset by a Toyota dot com. our keys to the game around to each and every game by ram trucks going now for great deals during the reign summer clearance event Jim the keys for Matthew boy was he said a terrific start against the Yankees in New York in April the keys for him against this team that loves to match well yes right well we started talking about about four five days ago because he came pretty predictable with the two page picture may even admitted it throw more change of I think the change of to be a big boost for him this afternoon because these guys are up there to match what to get him off balance of fifty had an account six home runs in game one of this series Matthew coming off a rare games lately where he did not give up a home run but that was against the Kansas City Royals little different story here today and.

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