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But when I go to buy the magazine when I show up at the job, I'm just Cindy, it's like a team that gets you to be Cindy Crawford. And I guess that that kind of thing reminds you of that. There was this group of models myself, and Christy Turlington, Linda Evangelista Naomi Campbell. Claudia Schiffer we we looked good together. But we didn't we weren't like, all blond hair blue. I we all had our own kind of look in her own thing going, and there was kind of all this hype about models. But then there was this one moment in time where there'd been a British vogue cover that Peter Lindbergh had shot and George Michael saw that. And he's like, I want those girls in my next video then Johnny for Saatchi took most of the same girls and had in his show with George Michael in the audience with that song playing and it was just like this moment. It was like. Wow. This to me that was like the biggest supermodel moment of my career, fashion and music for the first time together in a way that was being viewed by the masses. It was like, okay. That's that's like the arrival of the supermodel. When I started becoming famous as a model and people knew my name that was something that I noticed that. My dad really liked again is because of family name wasn't gonna end with my brother like, okay, you're still Crawford in nineteen Ninety-one. Cindy Crawford married. Richard Gere when they met Richard had been a famous movie star and celebrity for years and Cindy was a supermodel on the rise. The spotlight on their relationship was to say, the least intense the marriage only lasted for years, but Cindy says what she learned during that time helped her in so many ways including preparing her for the wonderful marriage. She has today with her husband Randy when I was probably at the height of my career, you're so busy just doing it every day that you don't kind of feel what's going on in the outside world. It was before, you know, Twitter and Facebook, you didn't really know how many fans you had you measured it by. Like old fashioned fan letters that came in the mail, my friend, her Brits. Who's also an amazing photographer was having a barbecue. And I went to his house, and there was a lot of really cool people there. I was like, wow, Jack Nicholson, and that's you know, it was like I was still most twenty one. It was still all new to me. But I met Richard Gere. There we pretty much started dating right away. And when I was with him. That's when I was becoming well known as well. And when I would see how he was with fans when they approached him a lot of times, you know, wouldn't be a good moment to sign an autograph or shake a hand or take a picture. But I got to look to him to see how he created boundaries for himself. That felt good being a nice girl from the midwest. My inclination is always to give and say, yes because I want people to like me. But then I saw Richard do no way. It was like, you know, what? Sorry, I'm not doing that. But I see you. He felt that really is just about. Making that connection looking someone in the eyes and making sure that they felt seen and that was it like you didn't have to do the picture. You don't have to do the autograph. But to take that moment just to make a human connection. I think a lot of what happened with Richard. I was I was still twenty two and at twenty two as a young woman. I was kind of still figuring out who I was in what I wanted to be. And you know, he was already thirty seven. So in some ways, he knew that I was still growing in changing. I didn't wanna hear it from him. Because at twenty two you think, you know, everything, and you think you're already formed, and then you realize ten years later, you're like, oh my gosh. They were totally right. I think you're twenties for women is such a time where you're starting to come into your own and feel your own power and connect to your inner strength, and it's hard to do that..

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