Rosenstein, White House, President Trump discussed on Morning News with Manda Factor and Gregg Hersholt


ABC's? Karen Travers at joins us from the nation's capital. Good morning. Karen, good morning. His Rosenstein going to have a job after Thursday. We'll see I don't think anybody seems to know what's going to happen. And it's unclear if the president knows how this is all going to go down. And if he does he certainly not signaling any of his intentions in public, whether he'll fire Rosenstein or force him to resign. He says he wants to have a conversation with him and determine what's going on that will take place here at the White House on Thursday. Notably though, the press secretary Sarah Sanders was asked today if president has confidence in Rosenstein, she says he has confidence in the process as she didn't explain what that meant. But that was a notable what she wasn't saying right around this time yesterday morning. There was all kinds of news swirling that Rosenstein was on his way to the White House. He was expecting to be fired or maybe he was going to quit what exactly happened yesterday. We're still trying to figure it all out. He was summoned to the White House. We are also Kelly here because the president, of course, is in New York for the UN and sources tell us that Rosenstein came here expecting to be fired and over the weekend. He had even offered to resign. But the White House in Rosenstein, couldn't come to agreement on some of the specifics of how that would play out. So he comes yesterday expecting to get fired. He doesn't he's sent off with a warm handshake smile from the chief of staff right in front of cameras at the White House. I mean, I could have been done inside that could have been done in a hallway or the office. It was notable that was done in full view of the White House press and the Rosenstein goes back to the Justice department, and he still has a job at least for now. What happens if Rosenstein were to leave then the number three at the Justice department would oversee the Russia probe they'll solicitor general no Francisco until there's a permanent replacement at that deputy attorney general position everything, of course has. Political consequences. Is there any sense or fear at the White House that getting rid of Rosenstein might produce some kind of political backlash in this country? I think definitely there they're well aware of that. They're hearing it from outside allies. They're hearing it from pundits. The president is hearing it from all of the people. He likes to watch on television who are saying that if you do this this could spark quite a political crisis and one that you don't need ahead of the midterm elections. President's critics say if he does this it would be crossing a significant line so notable that you kind of have some bipartisan agreement to not do it. But just for very different reasons, you mentioned, Sarah Sanders. Do we expect to see her in the briefing room, many time in the near future not this week because the president's up at the UN and she's up there with him? All right. Karen, thanks for checking in with us. ABC news. Correspondent Karen Travers with again this morning from the White House defense. Colleges says the chances Bill Cosby will commit another sex offense are extraordinarily low because he's old legally blind and needs help getting around psychologist. Timothy fully testified this morning at the eighty one year old sentence. In hearing a judge must decide whether to classify Cosby is a sexually violent predator, which would make him subject to mandatory lifetime counseling and community notification. The defense is fighting the designation, and we do expect a ruling from the judge later today. Komo news time eight.

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