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W. J. newsradio nine fifty let's go to CBS news news update democratic voters in Nevada have gone to their caucuses they cast their votes senator Bernie Sanders had the easiest speech to make afterwards we have put together a multi generational multi racial coalition which is going to not only win in Nevada it's going to sweep this country the second part of that is uncertain what Sanders did come out on top in Nevada what about twice as many votes as runner up Joe Biden and he's now won the last two contests after finishing a shade behind Pete border judge in Iowa from third place bordered third place holder bowed at booted judge before we rush to nominate senator Sanders in our one shot to take on this president let us take a sober look at what is at stake for our party for our values and for those with the most to lose there is so much on the line CBS news update on top forty this is W. W. J. newsradio nine fifty at one thirty two closer to home a series of murders in Wayne County involved one man allegedly and the latest is reported in Highland Park U. S. marshals and county officials officially named Connie L. brown as a person of interest in the deadly incident on February the eighteenth Highland Park press secretary Marli Blackman explains how her department connected the dots African American male beaten to death in his vehicle on February eighteenth and so we were able to connect Mr king abroad as the person of interest for that murder S. essentials are asking for anyone to warn everyone to be on the lookout for the suspect who remains at large W. W. J. news time one thirty two more details on the lake o'ryan power outage this morning local police officials say it's affecting the north end of the city after a transformer blew early last last evening the fire department cleaned out the debris there from the incidents on the roads are safe to to use at this time D. T. E. has not given a timetable for when the lights will be back on stay tuned the meeting was held last night with Oakland county health officials are Oakland county officials I should say and faith based leaders to encourage their congregations to take part in the twenty twenties census of Dave Coulter the county executive took part in that meeting he says religious leaders need to let their congregations know that census information is confidential the criminal and civil cases against banking behemoth Wells Fargo are over after the company agreed to pay a three billion dollar settlement usually with these sorts of settlements there's a a chunk that will go to to the SEC in order to get some money out for consumer education but remembered that this is a practice that was going through the bank a back decades since nineteen ninety eight and that was when Wells Fargo clearly began to rely more on sales growth and pressure tactics CBS news business analyst Jill Slesinger and a truce between the US and Taliban has been welcomed by the people of Afghanistan B. B. C. news correspondent Sikandar Kamani is in Kabul with the latest speaking to people on the streets of Kabul this morning the mood seems to be one of course is optimism with many people expressing hope that what happens here over the next week could lead to a longer lasting peace but at the same time after years and years of conflict I think everyone is waiting to see just how this reduction in violence plays out the exact terms of it have not been made public but we understand it will involve Taliban forces Afghan security forces and U. S. led international forces on Saturday and I should say Saturday was the first of seven a seven day reduced violence period which many hope will lead to an agreement between the US and the Taliban general Scott Miller commands U. S. forces and the NATO led non combat resolution support mission there in Afghanistan and spoke to reporters today or yesterday in Kabul okay first day.

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