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Sports from around the world. Here's Dan schwarzman. Thanks, Brian. Manchester United starts off their summer preseason tour in a big way beating Liverpool for nil in front of over 50,000 fans in Bangkok Thailand. Red devil's new manager Eric ten hot getting goals from Jane Sancho Fred, Anthony martial and facundo police. The reds did not bring him top stars such as virtual Van Dyke Mohamed Salah, Thiago aimed new €85 million transfer Darwin Nunez until the final 30 minutes of the match. Influential soccer journalist fabrizio Romano says that leaves united will accept Barcelona's bid of €58 million plus 10 million in add ons for winger rafina The 25 year old wanted the move to the count on capital after rejecting a move to Chelsea that would have brought lead €70 million. Tiger Woods with some strong words for the golfers who have decided to leave the PGA Tour for the live series as a 15 time major winner speaking from saint Andrews in Scotland says that those players quote turn their backs on what has allowed them to get to this position. Tiger also talking about his surgically repaired right leg saying it's not easy to walk all 72 holes to the 150th open championship which starts on Thursday. Rob Gronkowski speaking in Boston says that his retirement is final and that he is done with football. The 33 year old says he will spend his time with his family and on his business ventures. Finally, Carolina Panthers general manager Scott fitter says that both Baker Mayfield and Sam darnold will have an open competition to be the starting quarterback this upcoming season. On the enforcement that your Bloomberg will sports op day. Markets, headlines and breaking news, 24 hours a day. At Bloomberg dot com, the Bloomberg business app. And at Bloomberg quick tape. This is a Bloomberg business flash. Well, a very good morning to you 13 minutes before the top of the hour, I'm Brian Curtis, and the Bloomberg interactive broker studio in Hong Kong, Asian stocks are actually edging higher. It may seem a little counterintuitive given all the recession talk in markets and the fears of further COVID lockdowns in China, but we do see a little bit of positive activity here. I'll get you some of the details in a moment. Also looming is the U.S. inflation data for June that's due tomorrow, economists projected surge to a new high that will prompt the fed to make an aggressive interest rate hike of likely 75 basis points this month. But we do have a big drop in oil today and sometimes it's difficult to overestimate how positive that is for Asian markets. Anyway, oil extending losses down to about $95 a barrel. And we do see fears escalating about an economic slowdown that perhaps may be part of that and some investors may think that President Biden will be successful in his Middle East trip and convincing Saudi Arabia and other producers to raise their output. So again, looking at oil trading at $95 and 53 cents here and looking at the spread between twos and tens in the bond market right now the yield on the two years at 3.05%, the ten year yield at two 97, so it narrowed just a little bit about 7 basis points there. The spread. A couple of other notes, the bank of Korea raised interest rates half a point to two and a quarter percent. Inflation is now running at a 23 year high there. You saw strength in the one and the cost is up about four tenths of 1%. And shares of Tian

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