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Pretty Happy People having fun in in a nice place with clean floors and services that are easily wiped down because clutter makes me very anxious to did some research and got alone and the frigging province. I'm Canadian by the way so we live in provinces. I come from Canada's Texas which is ironically exactly the same size as Texas and full of pretty much the the same thing cows guns countries Cabraha hats oil jacked up pickup trucks. Good Ole boy. Yeah you know you get the drift. That's where I was and they didn't consider consider hair a trade not really. They wouldn't give you full tuition so my tuition was twelve. Twelve grand I got nine grand then also had to take takeout big ass line of credit so that I could live in the city that that was because I was kind of not not in a place to work. It was really fucking scary because is I'd never committed to this. I'd never in my life come anywhere near data amount of money in loans or line of credit form or otherwise and also oh people were terrifying and I had no people skills and I was really bad. There's no way to explain the people the social condition I was. Then 'cause I have fun mental illnesses that you know Attitu- social issues and then my upbringing as referenced in the aforementioned podcast that no one's listened actually I think it's up on our Patriot so patrons patrons might have listened to it. I think it is along with all the other like too. You fucked up episodes to put out to the general public so this was really really really scary and also this is l.. Berta this is twenty ten gender shit. It.

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