Barbara Comstock, The House, Georgia discussed on CNN's The Daily DC - Where is the next political battle ground?


It's not just districts the hillary clinton modern yes barbara comstock obviously is i have a huge race on her hands or eight but in order for them to win the house the democrats need to maybe not as difficult to district is georgia six i understand but they do need to reach into some republican turf um and it would seem suburban with these higher educated voters would be a place to go for that in what we learn from georgia six a the republican base if we can call it that is still with the president they're not abandon him particularly when they view it in a prism of do you want president trump ordinance he pelosi when when presented with that choice republicans chose karen handel but over the next seventeen months or so does that base stay intact what what happens to what i would call core trump supporters not people who their allegiance to the president is i what happens if republicans don't deliver on some of these campaign promises on some of these big pieces of legislation than what are they do who they blamed blamed democrats that's possible the no vote in the midterm elections but do they blamed congressional republicans for not promoting the president's agenda enough then what do they do in the midterm when the president is on the ballot could just stay home and that's where disaster if you ever energized democratic base in an apathetic republican base that's when we start looking at a wave election define away for me i would say.

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