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The podcast about Alonzo in the NASCAR and album getting Toro safe you going to much, but by point there was the Easter very very good. You never know all happened in the driver market. And if one of those top teams needs a mega driver, and they haven't go for stopping Hamilton or Vattel, whatever on Burks than they might think. Actually, I work. We'll get we'll given underlines because even the full two year old Fernando Alonzo long as he's still right sharp is going to be full middle. Absolutely agree. So all over necessarily say the fun because completely closed very very specifically left the door. Yeah. He hasn't closed. Somebody will get carried away at the time in the summer saying he's retiring from from low nice. He did they very deliberately did not use very Nigel, man. So I'm not retiring. I'm still racing. I'm sitting fatal obviously Jenson Button, Saddam, not retiring in cozy hasn't but the phone on door probably has closed with Lonzo. Like, it says, I think is very much the chance for him to come back if the circus right because he left over his own accord, if he wanted to he'd still be on the great this year, the only the were against him is that is that the modern equivalent of saying on the leave McLaren because I'm sure for in the way into competitive call because there's going to be they're only going to be more. Good drivers come in. Auchan already on the thing when it comes to balance. I preparing let's those of you just felt there's no point carrying on. Any winning in twenty nine hundred type. Of course, there's no chances are always going to be faffing around in the midfield. Because sometimes sometimes you just need a break don't use well to clear head and maybe even come back stronger. We think there will be you know, if you put yourself in the position of team, boss, let's just say Mercedes Lewis Hamilton wins another world champion next year. The Nikkei Rosberg had enough. I'm gonna retire with six world championships. And then we'll saying what do I do anything? Well, let's say you the keeping boss in the car anyway cycle arguments. Our all come in fine. But anything wrong in a minute. We've got one guy maybe never seen in the front running Coleman guy. He has also a championship winning run already strongly. We need. Giral declared shirt join that league reporters and others could as these Charleston want. I want. The fact that people know Lonzo can do job means, I McClellan would never you never have imagined McClellan ever possibly go about Nando Lonzo a few years ago, also the seven, but they did because it was a it was a marriage it became a marriage convenience Alonzo needed somewhere porter optimistic about McLaren needed neither joyful at that. So thing we've seen haven't we fully pay Massey was done. And then owner we need a driver back. You come when you got some of that quality. And if you never know send you give him a cool, wouldn't he? Yeah. Chat might happen where we'll we'll see if we can find a few billion in the heart of even more one said store found his own F one upload data to go through. That would be a good thing rather than we have to go. Well, anyway, we've taught forty about Lonzo. But we could talk about many more hours. I think he's a driver who is still too close to his career to really make definitive reflection. There still may be more foreign racist comment, certainly it's gonna be great to see how it gets on the Indy. Five hundred twenty nine and continue sportscar outings. But he's driving for the ages though is one hundred percent drove for the ages. No question, and from my perspective, either privilege same in action Formula, one an enormous amount. And you can say what makes him such an incredible driver. He's a he's a likable is a likable characters and intelligent guy. It's very interesting to interview. Oh masterpiece. Oh, and he Osman interesting question. You'll get an interesting also rule I found some of the bombast a little bit frustrating. That's just him playing. Game. Yeah. Like, you said some I was talking about what he's like, he always said the snapshot that the public guesses, you know, a few seconds or minutes grabbed here and there on TV when drivers just come back from the most stressful situations their heart's racing it's not in the other and circus as well as needs to show..

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