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Street, not fifteen miles where I grew up. In White Bill Right. You know. Country whatever like if anybody's going to learn to work on like Engines Shit. It's going to be like somebody from the country where I grew up, right? Wow. That's not what they taught us. We learn coding and Web. Design and. Like I I took a frigging radio like everything in high school I I went through like twenty different courses of different careers because they offered all of them they had a budget will shit in my high school you could be in. A class that was like bill bridge engineering or some shit like that like who takes that? Crazy people but you know we're. Like. But yeah, you know they hinds of stuff. Rate and it's like so if that's what you're growing up in and that's what you assume because you think every high schools like yours most people do right go high schools universal experience, but it's not. Like something as simple as that. Now, twenty something years later I'm hearing about and I'm like I never did knows down the road from me for God's Sakes I didn't know at any rate insane and so when he's growing up, you know like he's talking on in his neighborhood, there's only two ways to make money you the become a rapper or you start you know become a baller right it unless you want to go the criminal route and sell drugs. Like that, right the only two other two options are you be your baller or Europe? Arab Music Star of some type. And it's like that's crazy like why can't why don't you start a business? Why don't you get a job safe shit like all these things that would come to my mind. Over the we never taught us about that. We know unless you were going to be a nurse or a mechanic. If you WANNA do those two things, you better learn how to play basketball or join the army or join the military. Why? Do Join the military my thing mine was growing up because. We are always staged..

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