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I'm the CDC is advising the use of non medical cloth face covering as an additional voluntary public health measures so it's voluntary I have to do it they suggested for a period of time but this is voluntary I don't think I'm going to be doing it in New York is in crisis governor Cuomo signed an executive order to transfer ventilators from facilities not using them overwhelmed hospitals even using the National Guard if needed I'm not going to let people die because we didn't redistribute ventilators that report from CBS's mola long into your latest casualty figures from Johns Hopkins University Medical Center more than a quarter million Americans infected though some have recovered more than seven thousand Americans have died the economic fallout now the labor department numbers showing seven hundred thousand jobs lost in the first half of March the unemployment rate than four point four percent here's one Ramirez of KPIX TV Benjamin Gonzalez lost his job as a swimming instructor when his job site was shut down because of the covert nineteen crisis and he's struggling everything that I'm paying off like my like my rent is from my savings my own personal savings Gonzalez filed with the state of California for unemployment insurance weeks ago but hasn't received any benefits yet and is looking for a job and a life line the job market right now is a little rough Michael what concern was a trump appointee as watchdog for the intelligence community late last year he fulfilled a legal obligation to advise Congress about a whistle blower complaint against Mr trump involving Ukraine that led to the president's eventual impeachment though he did stay in office when the Senate voted against conviction now with the nation's eyes on the virus crisis Mr trump has told Congress he is firing inspector general at convention in Gonzales lost his job yet again of flagrant disregard of the law by the end of presidents who is so terrified of oversight that he would take this kind of action in the middle of a crisis not as the house intelligence committee chairman Adam Schiff on MSNBC there has been no sign yet of our granddaughter and a great great grandson of the late senator Robert Kennedy they were in a canoe that did not make it back to shore in the Chesapeake very the operation is now being called recovery the Dow finished down three hundred sixty one points S. and P. down thirty eight points this is CBS news you can listen to.

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