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Handcock right back to act. Was it one two three all right back to it now. This is what we're GONNA do. How a Clinton insider used his ties to build a consulting giant right? Now this is hi. This is April of sixteen. Now keep in mind. This is like God five. Six months before We're not happy year before the announcement of this. IPO thing that they want to do in September of sixteen gene before the election that they're announcing they're going to go all kinds of corrupt on corruption on the New York Stock Exchange. So I mean you could invest in it. That'd be a good investment. I think that's where a lot of people that send it to. What they they dip investing corruption? Yep You're going to have a war. You invest in military industrial. Oh complex you're gonNA have a government. Corruption will invest in. I think it's how we got access to this stuff. They'RE GONNA look. We're we're just looking to see. Where's the next gazillion in dollars going to be made by these guys? I'm then some corruption even though they may be against it but dammit might as well make money on it or something I you know whatever put your money or you can go lose money with like Tessler or something just in the future lose money. Well we'll see. I think he's probably going to come out all right. Hillary gave a special State Department post to an ex fundraiser. Even as he was laying the groundwork for a global we'll firm and ties to her husband called Teneo now. This was back in April of sixteen so this was not like a secret. Now keep keep in mind. This is Hillary Clinton became secretary of State when she became secretary of State or the first thing she did was to seek out a a man named Declan Kelly. Now this is what we were talking about. Declan Kelly now Cheryl Mills and Podesta. They were the ones that Doug Band former aide to Bill Clinton Clinton was writing to and SAM gets out we're screwed who share a mills. Shell Mills was chief of staff for Hillary as Secretary of state okay. The list goes way all the way up man. These guys are all cotton this thing. The reason she wanted Declan Kelly. It'd be her economic on void to Northern Ireland now. Northern Orland is Great Britain now southern Ireland the Republic Ireland as a separate country now. Ireland is part of Great Britain and he had ties parliament. And the AH giving her forty one year old former fundraiser a special status outside normal diplomatic channels. What you're you're she them economic on boy now now now he's official? I call him going to ask him to start. She wrote August Twenty Eighth of Oh nine now keep in mind. This is after she became secretary of State when Obama became president in eight eight part of the negotiation and deal what we're GONNA do a Hillary Secretary of state get the represent. Get around the world. You know leader to leader. Delete her kinda thing. Hol she'd be the last person if I was Obama making a second dairy estate unless there was some deal that he needed to have a choice. I think is what it came. I'm down to Nowshera. Mills was her chief of staff by some measures. Kelly was a bargain for the government. The ireland-born businessmen refused a salary but he hired five staffers on his own dime and push for. US companies to invest in the troubled region a diplomatic priority for Clinton. So this is you know. Eire's him they want investment in Northern Ireland. They bring in keep in mind. This was right during all the the financial meltdown. Now Europe everybody. They're gonNA crap except Iceland. Iceland said you know we're not playing in your game and we're putting our bankers jail now what you know and they started coming out of the much better than but of course that means that Iceland's gotTa Push Pin in. It is because they are gonNA come targets up so you can go check them. See what's up. I haven't looked at that yet but I you know. So but while serving serving as Clinton's special envoy reaching out to global corporations for investments and such he was also working for to them as a private consultant. Earning about two point. Four million from Dow chemical a longtime client a his and one of the firms that participated participated in Clinton's Ireland Initiative now Clinton's Ireland initiative from what from Secretary of state from Teneo from bill from friends of bill from what it's all the same thing it was also so during this time period that Kelly and doug band a close aide to former president Bill Clinton were preparing to launch a global consulting business. That would soon become a a well known and controversial success story their new venture to nail holdings would go on to employ numerous Hillary Clinton associates including her closest confidante for Nantes Abidine. And for a time. Bill Clinton is honorary chairman giving clients rare access to the couple and their network of world leaders which included Tony Blair now. What was Tony Blair during this time? I can't remember when he wasn't Prime Minister for United Kingdom by definitely was former and also I mean this is just getting the fact that Kellyanne Bam were laying the groundwork for their enterprise while Kelly was working for the State Department as an economic adviser to Blab data reported here for the first time represents presents a fresh illustration of the blurring of the lines between Hillary Clinton's political network and her State Department. That critics have long noted and it shows how one enterprising enterprising fundraiser is. Able to insinuate himself into Clinton's inner circle and then build a five hundred person multinational consulting firm whose value value at least at first was greatly enhanced by its founders closeness to the Clintons this is Doug Band starting to nail to nail was just another. You make your money for speeches and everything now bill we show you what we can do with a company that corruption are us. Oh and then we'll do an IPO. Wow manhattan-based has been center of Palace intrigue for years because of its proximity to the former first family and in his early early days Teneo directly benefited the couple themselves. Though the company emphasized no longer has those ties. God Man Man are you freaking it goes on and on and on it Teneo initially billed itself as a one stop shop for C. Suite Consulting. Where the hell that means a a blend of public relations advice for CEO's and more technical investor relations work so they're like look you know you've got a promise? Probably just come to us. How their logo says that we we take care of business? We got boys look at our list of L.. They got the hobnob would former president president for managed a mutual beneficial relationship with the Clinton Global Initiative. That's a whole nother thing. The Clinton Global Initiative what the the heck is their global initiative. But they were. They were freaking initiating New York Times. The New Republic first reported three years ago. How Philanthropic gathering provided an ideal nexus for Teneo to both recruit new clients and enhance the visibility of existing clients by getting them speaking roles? Now this is where they were able to pay bill when he talked about this. Sixty six million dollars in future of we got going to make money of him going around giving speeches. It's just a way for them to pay him. He worth that. I mean what. What the hell did he do? Man was he's sleeping with the founders wives or something because she always wanted to Bill Clinton I have no idea. Yeah Amanda. You're making money doing it. They got invitations to salon dinners filled with DC power players or meetings meetings with Clinton Global Initiative with foreign leaders in the years immediately after the company's founding this was they just took their White House contacts and every and and then Hillary became run for president. Didn't get it secretary of state next best for what they were doing. Their travel around International. We do do some gunrunning in Syria with Libya and Benghazi. All this stuff is in these emails that got rid of pedestrian emails emails. And then you find out. Aberdeen's husband Anthony Weiner all that stuff that communication between them was on his.

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