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Though. I dwell in darkness. The lord alight for me. And has i continued to read these verses. I'm like gosh mica. Seven is a beautiful passage for all of us like in the world right now because it's so much about how the world is dark but where do we turn for light to guide. My world felt so overwhelming. And god was like. That's because you're you're not doing. You're doing really good things but you're not coming to me. You're not leaving any space for me. You're leaving any space for your family your body and your heart and mind no. It's wrong so it knows that it should be unhappy but things seem to be fine. It was a mess. But mike is. Seven is a beautiful picture of like man when things are dark. Where do we find our light. We find it in. Christ says i will bear the indignation of the lord because i have sinned against him until he pleads my case and executes justice for me he will bring me out into the light and i will see his righteousness. God gave me this verse before. I even knew i was going to go on sabbatical and i didn't realize all the work that the lord was going to do in my heart and in my home in the next six months eight months but i am still watching expectantly for the lord. Because he's already done so much in twenty twenty one. I am not the same person sitting here. As i wasn't january. Do i still make mistakes. Yes do i still fill every corner of my schedule. Scher but even my mindset is better on monday. I had podcast at it and i was ready to buckle down and my husband called and said i need you to come and help me. There's a time in my life. When i would have been so entirely frustrated. Maybe even told him no. Because i had important things to do and instead i said okay came around the corner. I'll come help. Guess what. I have free breakfast out of it but more.

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