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Sierra Nevada brewing company created a special I called resilience with the intention of donating all of its proceeds to benefit wildfire victims the company, which is based out of Chico near the devastated town of paradise hopes to garner. Additional donations by asking other brewers to sell resilience to their customers when the company launched the new pale ale in November they expected maybe three hundred to four hundred California brewers to participate by the time. The beer was made available to the public over one thousand five hundred breweries across the United States. Volunteer to serve up the liquid love. The initiative is expected to raise roughly fifteen million dollars for wildfire relief all of which will be donated to the golden valley community Bank foundation dedicated to victims of the campfire. Thank you. Sierra Nevada brewing company for brewing up some positivity and helping others. Janice. Dean, Fox News. Fox on the right to keep your phone. Locked a magistrate judge from California has ruled that authorities can't force people to unlock their digital devices with their faces fingers or irises the decision comes from a case involving a Facebook extortion crime in which investigators wanted access to certain devices. The judge said they were able to establish probable cause. But the request wasn't limited to one person or one device, and therefore would have been able to open every device from every person inside a house. The judge in the case stress law enforcement cannot force people to unlock their phones. Even with a warrant making biometric unlocks equal to pass codes, which means they're covered under the fifth amendment protections against self-incrimination. The judge also admitted that technology is outpacing law. But that in this case government could access messenger communication from Facebook with a proper warrant under the stored communication act. This decision could still be overturned with FOX on tech. I'm Brett Larson, Fox News..

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