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And I guess at the end of a year he had lost forty pounds in eliminated erectile dysfunction, all his and China had disappeared his one remaining crowded artery. That was ninety percent balked was. Now, sixty five percent block. Pretty still it was a great citing exciting. I just before you go onto the next door. I just wanna comment that you You know. know there. There's really no medication that can do that. And so I think that's a cre- to learning point is that we don't have a medication that's going to get rid of plaque. And we don't have a medication that's going to really make those kinds of differences for your entire body closer to the home of of VO appears regularly at our sense of counseling some are. Because it's so important. I think when you're doing this one of the things we do as we wrap up of a have several local or regional participants who had a successful experience share their story with those in attendance who an-and say themselves. Listen if she can do this. I can do this. This is a divine hero gentlemen, who was about forty pounds, overweight when he had fifty five had a small stroke has plaque and as right Crowder artery, and they paid on it and. It was a fail and it was completely -cluded. So he was living on his one remaining left crowded. He really had excellent. Excellent coverage from his from his stroke. And then he'd being again has noticed that his left leg was he'd have to you get disqualifications pain in his camp after he walked up a maybe a half Bacher. So and progressively got worse to the point where at night when he put his leg up in bed, lying flat. It began to get this referee, numbness tingling, and he had a disease in the feminine and superficial femoral arteries, and they said, we'll take these drugs. We'll see how that works late in the work got progressively worse. And they said we have to operate on your leg before we do that. You've got so much disease in this left keratin. We oughta we're gonna have to do that before we can create on your way. So he was very happy, hence, knowing what happened the time that he'd previously had surgery on his right karate engine closed off of. But fortunately, this operation was successful. Now, they're ready to tackle his lay. And they've I try with a engine Plassey with Catherine in that was unsuccessful then they operated on in that was unsuccessful. So the on again in that was unsuccessful amazing about you'd better get along with these drugs and funny found us as actually his wife found us over the internet, and he came in. He was absolutely totally one hundred percent implant and within several months now could walk literally most nonstop for forty five minutes. Five went, no more. Love symptoms is pre diabetic state was lost. And he absolutely is a wonderful. Of the benefits of fish nutrition. I think that also is a great point that vascular disease, having sometimes people always, and, you know, it's American heart month in February and people always associate cardiovascular disease with just heart attacks, which heart attacks courses, we know vascular diseases, the number one killer in the country and also most developed countries worldwide. But it's it's interesting for you to point out. Also, I think sometimes people forget about peripheral vascular disease qualification can be absolutely life. Limiting for people there. They become completely not ambulatory. And every any it ruins their daily living and activties. And it's I think it's brilliant for you to point out how Hofu plant based nutrition can help obviously not even just the vascular during your coronary arteries, which is incredibly important, but also throughout your body oil. This is a this is so powerful that is literally everybody every vessel in your body..

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