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We got to throw the ball to somebody. They have to throw the ball to somebody. I don't love the QB situation, but man, that guy is special. If he can stay on the field, stay healthy, I get that he had like 6 injuries last year, but man, he is, he's got something special. Hopefully he could stay healthy because he does have that top potential. Yeah. You just love to have in a young wide receiver on your dynasty team. All right, so after I made my pick, it was Jahan dotson going after that to team 5. Team four went Ryan Tannehill have fun with that. Team three went Mike gise. And they finally took a quarterback. Their first quarterback. Oh, good for team four. Must be a Titans fan. Team two Rashad white and rob, you get to close out this mock with your tenth and 11th round picks. All right, let's see. Where do I want to go? I didn't have anybody queued up here. It kind of starts to get a little, yeah. I was just going to say at this point, but this is almost the point where there's not a lot of wind now guys left. So I probably would just look for a younger guy to balance out some of the older picks on my team. I will say that if there is a win now guy on inferior lock at our feeling to me. Yeah, I could agree with that. I mean, I'm just looking for the young guys. It's like it's David bowell. I don't know that he's ever going to give you the Adam Thielen top potential production that feeling has gotten you, maybe Alec pierce dogs with indie. Rondale Moore, John mache, yeah, you know what? I think I talked myself in the just going all in on this year. We're going for the one. Awesome. So you still have to make another pick. Yeah, so we went 11 rounds, so we drafted our ten starters with two quarterbacks and 8 flex positions. And then we wanted to be able to draft a third quarterback, like Ryan already took his third quarterback early. Yeah. So I'm going to go quarterback this round.

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