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Zero three one FM. Roy in Toronto Shanta. Hi, ROY on ground zero. Hi. Yeah. One task you what you believe would be results. If I was able to prove without a doubt that we're not alone at each one of us are being watched and monitored. And what would what do you think it would bring peace or do you think it would bring chaos? I don't think it would bring either. I think I think what would you do it would bring confusion? I then there would be a moment of apathy. And then it'd be a moment of of being terrified. And then eventually we'd get over our selves, and we would say, well, we have to accept it. See the thing is is that I don't believe in disclosure. I don't believe it should be done disclosure is a political maneuver. They don't tell you that. But that's exactly what it is. It's all a political maneuver because it's basically urging our government to say, well, we lied to you for seventy years about aliens. So it's basically putting the government on trial about lying to us about aliens. When we don't know of the government knows or knows anything about what their purposes now, there may be other groups that may know, something there may be secret societies that may know, something there may be a lot of groups who may know something, but not going to talk about it because it's so complex. They cannot talk about it's like trying to describe the flavor of an orange. I mean, you can't do that. I can't do that. What is an orientates? Like, you can't describe it people who have had alien experiences. I've talked with them sometimes they can't describe them. I mean, they know a few things, but they really have a hard time describing the feelings they have with what's going on. So I would believe and I have said this before I believe that confirmation is far more important than disclosure. I wanna me by that as as we have evidence to confirm or we have reasonable evidence to confirm that there is something out there. And I think the majority of people out there have already confirmed it within their hearts is something that's out there. There's a majority of people out there that believe in at least one paranormal event that happens. Whether it be go, sir. Or or or God or spirit or whatever. So everybody has some sort of an idea of what the paranormal Israel they've had one paranormal experience. So from there, you know, we just have to go with you know, I think and not only that. But you know, when you when you see a movie come out in theaters, what's the one that always top box office alien movies people spend money to see alien films. Why because they they secretly have in their hearts, this idea that aliens exist, and so and and that's why we spent all of our money on aliens. That's why we spend all of our money on comic books. We do this. Because we want to know we do know. And I think a lot of people who say bad things about aliens or they they say, oh, that's just a replace for God. I think they're missing the picture. It's not a replacement for God. It's it's a knowledge of something that is out there other than us. But maybe God cares for that. He cares for a universe. It's a lot greater than we can even comprehend. Yeah. Yeah. I've I've spoke to other people that have had some paranormal or early experiences, and it just so hard for them to get what they experience to share with the public myself included. It's just all we're doing is really talking about those which is great. You know, it's opens a conversation. But I just wish I could get video of the things I've seen I think it would bring world peace. You think it would? Yeah. I know see. And that's where the question comes in. I spoke to some people that are okay with this kind of thing that those are the ones that have experienced it before. But the ones that have never believed in it or never experienced it. They're the ones that really have a hard time. Dealing with without being terrified. Well, the difficult thing about disclosure is is the only reason why we need it. The only reason why it's a necessary evil is because nobody pays attention to anything anymore unless exploited politically, and so we have to exploit the alien or the extraterrestrial element politically to get people to pay attention. I guess we'll have to do that. I remember when they ran the story in the New York Times about the investigation at the Pentagon. They they ran a survey at contact in the desert in many people that were offended that the New York Times decided to be wonder run a story about threat assessments of UFO's and Peter Levin who was there said, by the way that story was not for you. That story was for the twenty percent that don't believe that something is out there that don't believe the government is involved. And so that's why it was printed the New York Times. And I believe the same thing is going on with the more and more. These scientists coming forward are not for those who already know already believe the scientists are coming forward because they have an interest in trying to prove the high. Apotheosis while there are several other scientists that are still pushing to shutdown even the very thought of it being.

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