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On the March the Kentucky twenty yard line in the red zone. Now looking at second and eight. Kentucky's. Earlier in the game. Did a nice job. When Florida got down close inside the red zone. Tell them to a field goal. The next guy is going to go down for Kentucky's Maddalena. He's the one that's been running fifty yards fence every. That's the trainer, Jim. Mentally, no. Twenty second year. I think that role. These games. He always likes it when we don't ever have to call. His name say the traders coming out he's been out on the field more today than I did in four years. He may letter. Lonnie Johnson up. Slightly limping for the Kentucky sideline. Kentucky trailed ten seven at halftime. But his scored touchdowns on. It's only two drives of the second half to go in front by eleven seems like the clock. He's just not moody fail. Florida's notching. I got three of them on this. Dr. Stopping the clock. One white out to the nearside Jefferson to the other way second and eight at the Kentucky twenty the Gators scarlet now the setback to the left. Franks. Moving up front. Sides. But Middleton knows got back. That'd be fake the bits and off the scarlet slips and falls. As he started to plant and cutback left and is going to be one on one. We cash if he breaks the tackle he may be scores. But he slipped and fell gained a yard as thirty seven. So a break there. Let's see Kentucky can take advantage is third long. You're looking for more to six of ten on third downs. They go empty three receivers to the left all outside the hash. Mark the balls on the right hash. Mark nearside two receivers wide this way. Sucky. Now Hammond going emotionless four receivers that way. Kentucky Russia's four Frank. Getting precious. Sliding is right for like comes down. And he throws completed skipped off the hand of a receiver down at the five yard line. Tony. Might be holding. Nice. If one of those. Sixty five. Got a kick at getting within a touchdown. And a two point conversion. One nineteen to play in the third. Toughie with an eleven point lead with Florida with a chance.

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