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These after hours yes i saw the nfl post this checklist for just shawn watson at the game was starting between the texans the goals again this comes from the official nfl account i thought it was clever to sean watson's birthday miles down sixteen years old get the drive a car check eighteen years old get to vote check twenty years old become heisman trophy finalist check twenty one years old when a national championship check twenty two years old starts in your first nfl game check and check that shot gifts to snap a little tired out pocket lapid watson grab like gold that's it appointed a factor to forty watson forty five thirty water what about what are you might try by va occurred gotta get touched job more third touchdown hilster forty nine yards mark vandermeer with the call in the texans radio network that was two plays after he got hounded he got house flattened on a sack in which there was no protection in front of him and he did not slider crumbled to protect the ball or himself and so there a couple of welcome to the nfl rookie moments in the span of about thirty seconds but his speed his field vision he does take off to run more quickly then he should do and that will be something that he has to work on and he missed open receivers but you know what so do the andy dalton congratulations to dish shawn watson for realising a dream a n end for being under center for the first to win of the year for the houston texans it's after hours with amy lawrence.

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