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So many extended power down the reboot. This room takes a the star is classic discreet about his. Show the comb show with chuck. Barris off your head okay. Okay so then we go to nineteen seventy six king. Call the dying ripping healthcare just guessing Jeff Bridges Charles Grodin and basically a remake of. Yes I went out when that came out. They those huge because that was just a couple of years years after jaws so that was one of the movies a huge Pr. It was a big event. Yes I remember the advertisers like they. They actually built a king. Kong was big but it only with like you know move GonNa say that. That was prime. I am just going. Oh yes they do you can see in jeopardy is like just your opinion shared. Yeah Okay so one thousand nine hundred so you guys are already yes and then I would have voted with okay. Oh I woke on those middle. Same Jesse's point. It's not really really a very good movie but I'm counting from nostalgia for rats okay. Then we go to eighty eighty six. CAIN Call Lips there's no sequel to the seventy six six King Kong Kong as Captain Cola for almost ten years and needs a heart transplant. A female gorillas found in the surgeries visited to save King Collins Life and it stars an early Linda. Hamilton low. Yes during the her attorney is actually two years after terminator. So I I've given it another sounds ridiculous even know about it hot there. She's very very looks Alone I would probably say yes you laugh okay and once lived in and my slipped under my radar an animated version the mighty Kong slipped under my radar Nine thousand nine hundred ninety eight now. No animated no automated knowing automated. So then we go to two thousand five the black king call. Yes us Peter Jackson's modern remake. The thirty three I would say yes. I'm like that movie. I thought it was good too. I what I was thinking of the to the original this Orange County I think is interesting about it is put the King Calms Against Each Other. You know the seat that transition from nineteen thirty three seventy six this to two thousand five and see how that all goes you know. Of course the animatronic suits five as against newer newer the CGI stuff taking it becomes a cartoon. Well not live action stuff. But it's really the new stuff when I put my drastic talk some of those new ones but watching it it looks real so then we have twenty seventeen in King Kong skull that is the best of all clan. Samuel Jackson. One really liked cop. Yeah Yeah shake laugh. Yeah and Adlon was the first of the Monster Mc you rather trite at tight end to an eventual showdown with the new Godzilla. So Ah I liked it. They're trying to build that whole cinematic universe kind of like what marvel had really good cast John Goodman Samuel so I need to relearn that because I tried to watch it on. DVR Did and I tried to watch it. And I did not. You didn't like it. I didn't didn't hold my attention. So I need to revisit I thought it was boring. So yeah he has a he does have a lot of guys doing Cox. After you're talking John Antsy the Johnson he was getting I would vote. Yes Bob Young. Yeah I'm going to say no. But you guys nights overriding Gary. I thought it was okay. So what's the premise. Like how much is as good. Call John Move. You're not a good tip. It's a good call movie. King Kong waterline recognize way. Make money. It wasn't a flop look. Look I'm looking like whenever you raise what. I'm sorry. I was very six point six monster movies movies in general. I don't think you will as far as broad. Who says the John C Reilly cared your lots of shake laugh? If you you guys are GonNa push me. I'll probably wasn't low said no because the fact that talk of doing the main was low key or was I was GONNA say. Yeah okay. Maybe it was the two thousand five one was that Adrian Brodie that was I think the main good guy that was trying to save the right. Yeah no I'm nice and I kind of thought that maybe this will at least not really seeing a lot of remorse promo on the Godzilla vs Com twenty did have pay off after the credits credits on that. One where they reference Godzilla just like in the recent Godzilla King of monsters movie. The payoff was a reference to king. Kong anything could have been uncover. So are we are we gonNA see. She's all tank top. Converse is GONNA get one. Oh absolutely you're going to say it's a combination of they say. Oh I've been watching just because I watch pretty much everything. Let them come out. But I don't have those I won't go in and expecting Oscar worthy but I think it will be entertaining for that. Sean how would you how. What do you think it'll be rigged against the regular king? Congress say thirty thirty three and seventy six. I mean considering how. CGI has advanced from a visual perspective. It's going to be awesome awesome. You'RE GONNA look like a real dinosaur versus you know really giant gorilla origin now. This story and the premise May. But when I go into these movies I'm going to expecting a lot of cool. All cloverfield it. Oh Yeah so get thumbs up I with them for the upcoming unseen unseen movie. Yes thumbs up on scene. Are you counting down. Yes okay unseen yes. I'm in Paris. So the tally is We had five all right so six junior six bob three Gary Four Scott three and I had said to Gary Wins. Yeah I went over. But that's my thought was going to be going in right so right. Yeah that is and I do think it's interesting. The all the ones that the original premise mated aided and that's the three I thought it would make it look like the nineteen thirty when I had a really long time. I've watched it so I was in my twenties. I'd have to watch that one but I put it in just because the one from seventy six like I said that's what I love the one. I'm I'm watching it. Yeah in the same way. I would see that like in the guide. I'm watching. Yeah I need to revisit that 'cause I remember it being bad so maybe I need to REC- out think it was great leg Brooklyn animatronic so from a visual perspective again. It's certainly suffers from by. Compare John What we know is right. Yeah but the good solid kids. It's good when I was a kid and I even when I'm looked at as a kid you see around stuff it didn't have no this. This joint room. Yeah exactly yes sale. I think what I thought was interesting is that you know I would call. Jessica rang an amazing actress. Yeah I think she's. She's she's really hasn't really interesting but to see that. Yes you see her in that movie and and she's not that great which makes me wonder okay. was she playing the part to not be that you know that. Meryl Streep auditioned for that role and got turned down. Because Dino diller into stuff. She's too ugly real. He said that. Wow you might have been right there on in comparative religion. Turn drop dead gorgeous. That would be that would have been the time for streep was all French. Lieutenant's woman up so for them. I mean that was free Kramer versus Kramer three me. Yeah right yeah okay. Back when she was a quickie very nice. Good good topic and good discussion Junior if someone wants to give us feedback back and talk about this episode or other episodes how can they they can reach me at Mexican underscore junior on twitter. Even though I log again like once every four months They can email us. How many podcasts at G. MEL DOT COM? They can leave us a comment on Youtube Channel. They can leave us a comment on our Lipson page. Actually some people have actually loosened. Yes some people have actually left comments on the Lipson Directory Webpage for how many even though they go very unnoticed and it takes people going back several months to see the comments.

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King Kong, Kong, John Goodman Samuel discussed on How Many Podcast

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