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The worst you might this is like a mr bean movie history was like overly confident had sex with women it's ri johnny english actually i've never seen jonathan english also what's great about this they put a fucking potato sack over his head and leave that lyon jack of of course course the potato sack over oh i am hardest shit no stranger who knows where i'm gonna wake up this is fucking who they might throw me in the ocean give them a bin laden oughta be lock we'd hook in a crazy oh this is fucked gold get few my focus tone carbone notable fucking nothing oh that was my best friend so he wakes he goes to sam jackson sam jackson says like it was by the way it was the nsa doing the kidnapping that's like look you know you've done enough thank you so much and understanding more about anarchy ninety nine these guys dangerous we're sending you home also your cover has been blown there's a gear but now there's a girl involved and he's like yeah there's always a girl but you didn't meet her look at you butter when when same jackson essentially tells him like jobs over with you're going home he has a fucking hilarious temper day he doesn't lion roar for no reason it's awesome like stamps's feet oh god damnit you go home also he meets sam jackson i in this whole thing is in an opera house where sam jackson's like just watching the solo oppor warm it's and vin diesels like all man just shoot me in the fucking head now no way i can watch this shit oh wait is that do jleague too sick of biscuit gods.

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