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Yeah i think you have to see mcgregor in particular for me was just extremely quiet and timid wasn't shorten your shoe in for the ball and shoenberg by shooting for the ball. I think that was messenger museum today. And i think that seemed to split through the team i find. Yeah definitely not mcgregor space but i think we got flanked by an underperforming tondo and underperformed class state pointless so from a to them as it is so much more and makes maters job w help so. I don't think it a good game. But i think the lack of support contributed to that on david. Tombo are huge. Fan are really fun. I think he's gonna eat going and do great things celtic and beyond but he just was not so we spoke myself. Sankey mostly early season games. Even games scored an quite quiet and drafted and we were thinking italian on the bench. Because it wasn't sure this will we know he's gone. he's locker and today a nothing voice. Go amnesty missouri. I'm a huge fan. Thank you we'll far but games today. The outlet is all well and good against adams. But when you step up. He's got their ballot step up and everyone's entitled about game now and then but they've bill has a number games there celtics chamo- and i would really have been hoping for so much more often today. So we'll see how he himself up your international. Maybe you read it for a couple of weeks as i say. Nothing great comment on. I fifteen or even twenty minutes but then the bug chance in the by talking point that will be covered your payment again from celtic funds stanley as about muss by eddie on the twenty five minutes so as mentioned kyogo styles left eddie. Suzanne reminds to work out to cure maybe concrete a member and he's done his job ray. Egypt rolled along the box etiquette afflicted we could have learned that eastern neither nor and his co. he's he'll he's an people can see that can lock locking different things. When you talk played on your game pass one. No and that's the point. You know denying these talent but the huge of maybe even just answered questions on these mentality as it has been for a year and a half so for the guys seen you are want to keep it in your let go for free next year. John music you don't know what mentality is going to give us a season and for that reason alone it's much cleaner for everyone to let him go and recycle the cash and i think i don't think that chance is anything to do with thinking of pain to move wherever that. Maybe he's just like this of sorts of jetty snow and even though he may put up important role when it came on. June the week against outsmart. He stole finals all those years that we've seen before we know that lesson android today's and entity so they can approach to and again you know with you could say well do you stop cure there. The brand degen for eight different things. He's gone with ways goalmouth with clearly the chance and.

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