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Doesn't really do conventions. As far as I know. I've never really seen him compared to some of the others. Why can't I? I like all to have ordered the. Is Ventures, he's older. Not Chris. We've already done already J.. So. Old on I'm looking somebody up before I guess the. nope not that one. Now, from well every once I start giving those other clues. Yes. The. Ruffalo yes. Okay Well I. I will say this about Mark Ruffalo. Know the first movie I saw him in. Thirty. Thirty. That here I don't even know who he was. Going to say thirteen going on thirty. I have no idea but that was my first. That was that was the first one. I ever saw him in and so when they announced, he was going to be playing hall gets like it's the. Guy from thirteen going on thirty. That's do I know from. But we we've most people probably know him blame me Bruce Banner slash the hulk in the marvel cinematic universe not these I. Though he was the third verse Hulk Combination, we have had in the modern era but I think it safely to say he's the best. Yes. And I'm so glad that they that. They cast him third time's a charm. Disney sash. Marvel. Say. They had they had quite the Quite quite a journey getting getting the hulk just right I mean again, we were talking earlier about how many Batman actors do we need to have? Well, apparently, we had to have several hoc ones to get to get a good one. So there we go. Yeah. So yeah mark. Accent he's got two sisters. Brother those unfortunately passed in two thousand eight. he had minor film roles. until really. the early two thousands where. He started making more of a name for himself thirteen going on thirty. Zodiac which he does a really good performance in that. Claim within that as one of the reporters. Now, he's a cop. Yea He's not a reporter Robert Juniors one of the reporters Mark Ruffalo plays one of the cops China shut down the Zodiac. Killer Watch ladies that maybe you think. That would. Stick in there but were that what you're watching movies with MSU alumni just random just random. And then. I know he's also in Shutter Island Leonardo DiCaprio have not watched that yet though. I I've seen that one I don't remember him. I've only seen once in when it was new. So yeah. which was ten years ago apparently. Yeah. And then he is also in. A pair of a movie and a sequel the sequels, not quite as good as original but it's still rigorous kind of a sleeper film when it came out where people didn't necessarily go and see if the people did see it at least the original like this is really good. This is under the radar. Now, you see me a now you see me to. where he again, he plays a cop. Mark you might have a type caster. At least at least as a superhero well. It's that that that's a side Yes side relation I guess but yes. There now Yeah but now now you see me is is. It's good It's one of those kind like the The Prestige where you just need to go into a blind. Because there are twists and turns, and if you get spoiled runs the fun. Well, it's IT'S A it's a heist movie. It's like, yeah, it's like oceans eleven. Shish INS. I. Really. Good. Yes. Seen. It ends and it's like when you watch it for other things the humor. Yeah you can watch it. You can watch it. Watch ability you won't get obviously won't get like Oh my goodness I. didn't see that coming thing. But like kind of like the oceans movies where if you re watch it but then you watch it. Looking for the clues that were right there in front of her face the entire time. and. So those kind of movies that you can do that? Yeah. This the sequel. I think they tried to go bigger. And Mark Strapping and Detroit outdo themselves. From new first movie and I think that I think they could have. Like not a holiday overdid it and that hurt it again is still good is still get some twists. but it is It's not quite as good as the. Has Excuse me as the original, but it is. It is pretty cool. It's got. It's got a good cast Scott Jesse Eisenberg Woody Harrelson. Day Franko. Morgan Freeman in it at least on the first one I can't remember if he's in the second one I believe he is. In so They're they're good movies. I. Think I know what I'm. Like it's been on my list since like I put amazing is like everyone I know seen just never had the chance. Yeah. But. It's GonNa be I'm definitely make it more of A. Push actually see them so I, I. It sounds. Like. Ocean's eleven need. Like magic. Magicians like that sounds amazing. I love the ocean movies yes and like. The homered interesting that sounds like. Woo S. Dean is already. Remind me later there's there's there's a heist movie that's from Bollywood that I think. Is. All, I'll tell you later that heist movie that sounds interesting. Yes. I'll tell you later because its way off tangent but I was I I was remembering it and I just watched it recently in Lahti likes music from it. Anyway. Back back to back to the the. What we're doing star. Yes. So let's see what else. Honestly Yeah I've only really seen him in an in marvel movies and. Thirteen going on thirty and. I don't know just. kind of I mean he was you know if you're if.

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