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DOE did you sheen. Size they're cheap anyway moving on. Oh unstable Internet connection. You don't say every time I record you just suddenly become unstable you Dick doc look in eighty dollar Internet service fucking bastards. Can we say spectrum. Yes so X. yes and and everybody's going eighty dollars. Yes that's what it costs just for Internet but if I get any of the local Internet for like twenty five bucks I won't have any Internet and it'll be like Bose House Maher I'll stick with haight spectrum but it's the best that the area has to offer unfortunately at least I mean I guess we could translate. At but now under the bear the only thing but because they say DSL but it DSL fiber optics. My town small enough. They've actually ran fiberoptics to all the houses. My idea. So connections awesome. Well I don't think they ever actually randy new lands. I'm out in the country so that's probably why surprised that even get Internet out out here but whatever he might do anything fun this week before we Go to commercial break since we have a few moments left. No NO WORK IS NOT UNFUNDED S. Pretty much work in home eat sleep no where a boring lot. Yes when it's negative temperatures out in Alaska you tend to stay inside a little bit. Speaking of which I cannot wait for an upcoming guests. I won't say which episode they're GonNa be on because our luck and recording luck tuck never works out but we are going to have guests from Alaska Lou. Nothing don't care whatever from Alaska. I wonder if I wonder if we can find Lincoln. That other Guy Awaken that other guy for all sti this man there from a town hound called and I can actually say this right because he did dog. Skiers real name is this. They're actually from a place called talking with who asset asset right. Maybe sounds good to me as his name is is Talk Keaton at Denali. Yeah two places in Alaska something like that. The gnarly talk now on the two. If he were here he would correct me but whatever we call him mosquito for a reason he's like a buzzing annoying pain in the butt but he's so darn lovable we just can't but he's been skater has been extra lately. Let me tell you something. This dog has gotten a veteran sense of humor in the last couple of weeks. And they'll fucker hell right in the middle of the produce section action when I had him by myself at Walmart because there was a cute little kid giggling and next thing I know he's willing to the gods and I'm like now is not the time to sing. The song of your people about died in the middle of the store was like let's go and he sat there laughing at me. I'm not young. People can say dogs. No that dogs that they're you're laughing at me uh-huh he's gotten to be a real tred lately even pulls pranks it's getting to be bad. Why is her giant dominion the roads? Oh well after I mean I'm I'm on the Internet's just seeing if anything remotely fund happened anywhere or anything I can make. I know anything that happened this week. Aren't that fucking funny. So and then back to frosties recipes. I think you should only one week. We don't want to give away all of his top chef cooking secrets. Well we all know that he taught Ramsey whatever his name is how to Cook Ramsey. It okay put a put a frigging hot dog on a TACO and give its Gordon Ramsay. And let's see if if.

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