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To most problems. Is Maura Liberty, but Sometimes you gotta defend yourself against a lunatic. And I'm not sure who's the lunatic in the circumstance. I would I wouldn't know. Well, they may both be lunatics. Okay, so again, not taking And I don't like to pick sides in that story. Either s O. That's what has resulted in the the riots that are going on at atleast in Kenosha right about now somebody gets shot by a police officer. There's going to be Protests and riots. So what's the difference, man? Right here is they're building on fire. I've heard that there have been multiple buildings. I don't know if I heard it on the radio news today, but the number 30, I think came through some house that have been quite a few businesses that have been burned again. I don't understand. Protesters targeting innocent business people because it's easy to do over this. Well, apparently not so much when somebody's got some armed guys out there protecting their business, and that's where we come to it believe this story out of in this case, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel about Kyle Riton house He is 17 years old. Charged with shooting three people, two of them fatally. During a Kenosha protest Tuesday night considered himself a militia member tried to protect life and property, according to videos, interviews and social media posts. So we'll tell you more about that coming up here. Your calls and thoughts are welcome 8, 55 or 50 free. I think people should be able to protest. I think that some protest forms are absolutely right on and you know good for them but burning down people's businesses. Should result in people defending their businesses, and I don't know what all the details are. I think this is not a cloud..

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