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Anything i think right now so exciting thing across from me is kelty night entertainment journalist of entertainment tonight to my right as jack manic of jack panic clothing she designs led a cool shit and guess what we are for the first time in our own studio hangars were also excited we've been at the podcast one studio who we love in a door in appreciate and they've been so incredible tests were still with them but we are moving on up into our own space our own podcast studio and it's cute a f in here kelty did an amazing job and let's be honest our new our new uh sound engineer elena who also does my expense or fours and as a picture i eat she's like the woman of all trades is our new sound engineer and i'll be honest i was like i painted the room but a leaner pretty much did everything else thank you for everything elina the leader would be nothing without you you really would and kelty wouldn't know how to weigh perron asked appreciate you yes okay so uh before i move into something exciting i just i had a question of the week and added sarah what is your fall investment peace or like what are you going to buy for fall that's just lay question minus nothing because i know i i was inspired by you didn't you have like a year of no spending last year it's this year oh my loaded about six months okay so i a horrible that's a really where my new contract it et started i would do a year of not buying anything so i'm just accepting gifts and had and rent the runway okay all right um mine is a good.

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