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Have you money Monday everybody. Welcome back to another episode of the Women Effect Podcast. I'm your host Chris Ross by four to six weeks ago. I had an opportunity to sit down with Mr George Bryant and before start sharing with you a multitude of reasons on why we wanted to have this great mind come on our show and bless our audience with. Some of his accolades and some of his struggled and some of his many successes that he's had in his life and business in a lot of different types of industries to be honest with you touch back. We're not hearing second. It's important for me mention especially during this time bizarre time that we're having experienced in the world, the people going through a lot of challenges, and perhaps it's better to change the narrative to view as an opportunity to I accept and learn to grow from these challenges you'll quickly learn his. Show why this episode hit home for myself in general sometimes in life you're driving forces don't come from the greatest memories of your life if for some of you that might be really hard to deal with but George has a very simple formula that he lives by in for us being men were taught at a very young age that is not appropriate to be vulnerable but having the courage to overcome something like that and focusing on the four as awareness acceptance action and accountability, you will be able to propel yourself forward. To be at peace even at all the traumatic experiences George has been through he's able to find peace each and every day, but it takes work hard work each and every day because the healing process, the healing process, you don't just magically become healed. No, you were in a healing process to the day You Die Georgia. Father Husband amazing. Friend United States Marine veteran. bestselling author multiple seven-figure earner in several different industries, and those are the reasons we invited him to be on our show. Got Something else special when we recording this episode of our listeners and you've been around show long enough you probably have heard me say that we live in a causing effect world. There's no luck involved over seven months ago I've been going through something personally myself vulnerable moment I'm going to share with everyone. That I've had to go back in, put in the work, have a Lotta coverage and do something I've never done before and realign myself and not just for all the other people that are involved in my life and all the businesses, no family and. Not, because of all those things I, have it do it for selfish reasons for myself it for me to become the best version of myself it took me to take that first step in George mentions in this episode is being aware accepting taking massive action and holding myself accountable even when I didn't want to, there's a mathematical formula to this that I try to break down to a really simplistic level. So what we pay a tidgy to and then give intention creates the coincidences in our lives. And coinciding is a mathematical term to me and it's not an accident. We were blessed to have this conversation. So any more delay let's go ahead and bring this gentleman on and I really hope that this episode is going to be received well with our audience because it made such a huge impact on my life at the right time before I bring on today's guests if you're watching us on youtube mixture to subscribe and hit that notification, bow..

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