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Six thirty at ninety nine seven p aw it needed gregory these last weeks to analyse these strange series of aggression and provocations by the people's republic of china now directed by xi jinping who's looking to the 19th party congress meeting some time this fall without a successor the reason we're paying attention is because there scattershot here about aggression by china for example within these last weeks china has put warships into the kyushu channel that's that's essentially off of alkhan okinawa provoking japan the prc is also had two highperformance aircraft buzz in ep3 surveillance aircraft us navy over the east china sea the prc most especially has pushed what looks to be combat units claiming their work crew onto the dole klomp plateau this is boots tan this is along the indian bhutto can border and it's a flashpoint has been these last seventy years but here it is again suddenly coincident or not with these incidents in the east china sea i also mention in passing that the nobel prize winner liu died a sadistically at the hands of the chinese from cancer and his wife has now disappeared according to friends all of these moves are opd unless gregory a very good evening to you i see that the north koreans have fired another missile into the sea of japan that is a.

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