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For they went from nobody on my porch to somebody on my porch and within the silhouette I can completely see again it was dark because the power was out the new officers fired their weapons Williams says he ran to the back of the house and call police no one was injured now that the verdict against opioid maker Johnson and Johnson is in concerns arising over how Oklahoma will spend money in the states opioid fight Jim Forsyth reports Oklahoma's legal fight against the opioid industry has racked up settlements and judgments of nearly one billion dollars experts say the five hundred seventy two million dollar judgment issued Monday against Johnson and Johnson could pay for a year's worth of statewide drug treatment efforts but the company has already announced plans to appeal which could tie up the money for years that John Marshall middle school teacher is recovering from cracked ribs and a concussion after hitting her head on a fire hydrant while trying to stop a brawl at the school the student body is fifth through eighth graders Oklahoma City school district says the students were twelve and thirteen years old and will be disciplined according to the student code of conduct former Oklahoma City councilman ed should eat says it makes him nauseous to think that Oklahoma City residents won't get a chance to vote on individual maps for projects some of these things are deeply personal to me mental health and addiction facilities things that that my core of my being I want so bad but you're gonna tell me that in order to get that I have to devote to tax myself to give potentially ten million dollars to a privately owned practice facility for the richest people in Oklahoma he says the city council is circumventing the single subject rule of the Oklahoma constitution he plans to file a legal challenge in District Court a former DO see officer looking at prison time Beth Myers reports he was accused of sexually assaulting former inmates he was supposed to be supervising former Oklahoma department of corrections probation and parole officer Steven powers pleaded guilty yesterday in Tulsa federal court to violating the civil rights of two female victims who were on probation US attorney Trent shores says the thirty five year old powers damaged the integrity of the justice system and for his despicable crimes he will be held accountable powers will be sentenced in ninety days it's been a week since Nathan the force was convicted of killing Logan county sheriff's deputy David Wade and the forces sentencing hearing enters its fifth day today look for skilled waited April twenty seventeen is a deputy tried to.

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