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Prince who ordered the barbaric butchery other Washington Post journalist needed a way out from under the international outrage, his latest impetuous and rash act has provoked. Robert bear a veteran Middle East operative and author of sleeping with the devil. How Washington sold our soul for Saudi crude who is now the national security affairs analyst for CNN joins us. We'll discuss how an insular and inexperienced Saudi Crown prince with absolute power would interpret Trump's labeling of the free press as quote, the enemy of the people as well as he's constant attacks on the Washington Post as a green light to get rid of a Washington Post reporter who was exposing the truth about this phone reformer who are Shoghi likened to Putin. Indeed, the comparison between NBS and Putin is very apt since NBS's looting Saudi Arabia as he buys a yacht for half a billion dollars along with the fake. Leeann. Davinci for the same amount while confiscating the wealth of all docs, who run afoul of him just as Putin dots. And both Putin an MBA s or the highly provocative and grim murders of dissidents on foreign soil as a way to send a message to this citizens living under a reign of terror not to step out of line. But more of the point both NBS and Putin are to trumps favorite world leaders if not silent partners. So it's reasonable assume that if Trump could get rid of the constitutional restraints on him and the rule of law which seeks to undermine then Trump would be able to emulate his despotic, friends and lockup Hillary and start rendition in his many critics to black sites. Then with the released today of a video by Senator Elizabeth Warren answering Trump's challenge of donating a billion dollars to charity if she could prove her native American ancestry, which she did with DNA evidence we'll assess whether this is her opening shot in the presidential contest for twenty twenty against a race baiting. Cheapskate Tormenta who needs to say wimped out on making good on his bet. Robert Hockett, a professor of Lord Cornell law school recently worked with Senator Warren to develop the accountable capitalism act joins us to discuss the reasons why Trump trashes Senator Warren apart from her being in every way the opposite of him. Trump knows she will be his toughest opponent. And that is why he is going after her and joining us now Robert bear one of the most accomplished agents in say history, and the winner of the career intelligence medal is your for four New York Times bestsellers, including Sinoe evil and sleeping with the devil. How Washington sold our soul for Saudi? Crude is considered one of the world's foremost. Authorities on the Middle East and is the current national security affairs analyst for CNN. And he's latest book is the perfect kill Twenty-one laws for assassinations. Welcome to background briefing. Robert bear. Pleasure. Well, thank you, Bob. And it seems like the White House basically is working in collusion with the Saudis with NBS trying to figure out a cover story here to get out of this jam involving the murder and the dismemberment of Saudi American journalist in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. Trump. I floated the idea that could be rogue elements that did it. And now it looks as the Saudis are prepared to make that an official statement. And I didn't know that anybody would believe it. But it doesn't seem to matter nowadays doesn't I mean, you can't believe a word that comes out of the presence mouth. But somehow he gets away with it. Well, I mean, you know, it's clear at this point all evidence. I mean, we're we're far enough in this. Saudis murdered him. Now, whether it happened during an interrogation that went wrong or they intentionally murdered him getting depend on the Turks. But I think you know that. The Trump is hide his future in the Middle East to Mohammed bin Salman, the man who no doubt ordered this. And he's not going to give it up, and he's just going to do anything say anything to protect Mohammed bin saw Mont. Just as like he'll do anything say anything to protect Ladimir Putin. Egypt essentially dismissed. Hooters, assassinations Salisbury, and he'll do this as well. Whatever the evidence is the only way out to Mohammed bin saw monitors say, it's a rope. You know murder. Failed rendition or whatever. And and so in other words, he'll he he can just avoid sanctions. You can avoid everything else the Saudis go along. So yeah, we're gonna put these guys investigation jail. It'd be the last we ever hear them. No one's gonna be turned over to the Turks trial. Saudi Arabia will get a pass. I think this almost guaranteed, but why would the Turks go along with it? Apparently, they've got what he on video evidence probably of the actual, torture, killing and dismemberment. I don't think we're ever going to see those tapes. I think what's going to happen is you're gonna see quiet changes to the Saudi policy may be lift the embargo. On gutter probably some money exchange hands from Saudi Arabia, the Turks. I don't ever see the tapes. Said does this all go back then to of course, the trumps first trip abroad was to Saudi Arabia where he did the sword dance and all this stuff? But he also said in an I think unmistakable way send a signal speaking in Riyadh saying that quote, Trump, we are not here to lecture. We're not here to tell other people how to live what to do who to be and then two weeks left to that the Saudi Crown prince, Mohammad bin Salman started. This blockade got a and of course, it's against international law. But nobody seems to point that out. We'll look he gave you a green life or anything. They wanna do. And don't forget that Trump's attacks on the press calling it the enemy for a naive young, man. Like Mohammed bin Salman takes. This literally it depresses the enemy. It's my enemy too. If the Washington Post is my it is Trump's enemy, then it's my enemy too. I mean, he just figures. Is he can do anything you want? He can bomb Yemen. End up Livian. He can dig a ditch between gutter and Saudi Arabia turned it into an island. Arrest businessman, everything else. I mean, he just thinks he's got the full backing of Donald Trump. I mean, don't forget Donald Trump was effectively a business partner the Saudi Royal family and all sorts of Saudis have in the past and still are investing in his properties, which he looked he's making money off it he's completely conflicted. Well on March the fourteenth of twenty seventeen that was early in the Trump administration when MBBS was the deputy crown prince he had lunch with Trump and his national security team. And this is when the White House manage to get 'em. Bs promoted every cousin Mohammed bin af. Who was the crown prince and that was when they made their arrangements for Trump's first overseas trip. So given that Mohammed bin Naif was the favorite of the American foreign policy establishment, the State Department, the Pentagon CIA excetera, and this fellow that was just murdered and dismembered Shimon Shoghi. He worked for midnight f is there still a constituency in Washington DC that wants to be the crown prince. Because obviously the clearly they would have preferred him. I mean Mohammed bin. Saw Mon was complete unknown. Mohammed bin naive had worked for the American government closely over the years. I mean, he was a reliable partner. He turned Saudi Arabia around, you know, against Al Qaeda in the Islamic state. He was rational he was reliable. But effectively there was a coup day top. But we don't know. You know, Jared or or Trump was, you know, encouraged him to do this. But there were two crown Princess removed. Macron was the first one and then Mohammed bin Salman, what about destroying the Saudi system, which is a Royal consensus, and you know, a visceral any sort of potential opposition in the Royal family and in the military and in the national guard. So it's it's a one man rule clearly at this point. Now, whether you know, Trump said, yeah, go do it. Go launch a coup d'etat. I just I don't think we'll ever know that either. And again, I'm speaking with Robert bad one of the west accompanies agents in history and the winner of the Korean intelligence metal. He's the author for New York Times bestsellers, including see no, evil and sleeping with the devil. How Washington sold ourself as Saudi crude he's considered one of the world's foremost on the Middle East and is the current national security affairs analyst for CNN. And he's latest book is the perfect kill twenty one loss for Sassa nations. I the point I always wanted to make the abuse that if everybody understood that the original crown prince Mohammad bin Naef was the most suitable to replace King Solomon, who's aging. He's eighty two I believe he's got Alzheimer's or early onset. And instead, he's son is untried character impetuous arrogant ignorant, but close to Jared and Trump so is this. A case of Trump's foreign policy. In other words, be damned with traditions reason rationality history, you name it these people I can do business with and I don't care about anything else. So he he essentially this is on him. In other words, you know, Ian, you gotta look at it the same way that he treats science. He's got no use for any expertise scientific or informed policy. I mean, you you you you saw that the State Department has been gutted the CIA has been gutted. And he's got rid of any expertise. I mean, there are Saudi experts around this town would buys them against pretty much every move. But he doesn't listen to them. They're not in the White House. They're not at the national Security Council. He's gotten rid of him anybody that would oppose them like like any other, you know, dictate or anything anybody that, you know. Presents sacks to him. He doesn't want to hear. Well, that apparently is what happened because when the blockade of count that began two weeks after Trump's visit to Saudi Arabia apparently blindsided by the Sixers state, Tillerson secretary defense Mattis, and Trump didn't even know that America's main base is that right there and got and it is largely paid for by the Qataris. And both Madison bump doesn't do fact and truth. I mean in that in that interview yesterday, he was asking whether Jamal cou- show was an American citizen, and I didn't even know that. Well, they I dismissed him saying he wasn't. But I mean, if he's someone said, no, he's not he's a permanent resident alien, but the basic facts, he's not no he has no grasp of right? Well, so is there any way for these two horrible people, and you got included our Princess well prince Jared, can they be exposed for who they are. And what they've done that. They're all this is really a family to family operation between NBS is family and the Trump family, and they're coming up the world making all kinds of money looting. But it's the sassy treasury and the American treasury and have they gone too far. And can they both be brought down by this? Do you think, you know, you know, I look at it as Rome when when when a gust stole everything was worth more than five trillion dollars twenty died the equivalent dollars today. How do you stop something like this? When when corruption is so.

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