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Chicago Teachers Union has approved a deal to get students back to class during the Corona virus pandemic 70% of the teachers who voted yesterday. Approved the deal, ending the threat of a teacher, lockout or strike. Despite ratification. CTU President Jesse Sharkey remains critical of Mayor Lightfoot and CPS leadership. WGN's David Jennings has detailed in the email the members, Sharkey writes. The agreement lays out gains on accommodations, vaccinations delayed reopening school closing metrics and more. He adds, Be clear. Basic safety shouldn't even be a negotiation, let alone a privilege. Yet it is in Chicago. Under this mayor. It's time for mayoral control of our public schools to end David Jennings, WGN news. Part of the plan has to some students back in the classroom as early as this Thursday. Tomorrow, teachers as well. Illinois public health officials yesterday announced more than 2000, new confirmed or possible cases. Of covert 19 and other 20 people lost their lives to the virus in Illinois, the state's average case positivity rate holding steady at 3.3% Mayor Lightfoot has responded to the Chicago restaurant Coalitions request to increase restaurant capacity across the city. The mayor says. This is something that we spend some time talking about over the course of the weekend and I don't want to get ahead of the announcement that will make later this week Coalition wants the mayor and the City Council to allow restaurants to increase capacity to 50% by this weekend. Valentine's days, one of the more profitable holidays for restaurants across the country. And here in Chicago, a new mass vaccination clinic opens today at the DuPage County Fairgrounds. It's expected to speed up that county's efforts to him and you immunized people against Cove in 19. 1000 people are already registered to receive their inoculations. All the county needs now is more doses of the vaccines to Page County Board Chairman John Cronin has questions about vaccine supplies have not been able to determine whether DuPage County is receiving our fair share. Or, frankly, how the state is even deciding where the vaccine should go. Vaccines will be administered by appointment only. If you've registered online with the health department. There, you'll get an email with a special link when it's your turn to be vaccinated. Health officials say. Don't share that link with anyone else. Walgreens in uber teaming up to help More Chicagoans get their covert 19 vaccine Now the Chicago Urban League is reacting over announcing it will give people ride to their vaccine appointments. At Walgreens, both companies air, sinking up their systems and focusing on underserved communities. Those who don't have easy access to quick transportation, and they're partnering with the Chicago Urban League to identify those who may need a ride. Here's Karen Freeman Wilson at the Urban League. Are older constituents. We are the people that they go to to understand information to receive information had already committed to providing 10 million free rides. New Illinois House speaker Emanuel Welch is proposing term limits for House leadership posts. The limits would prevent anyone from serving more than five terms, which is 10 years. Proposal would include himself in anyone elected after him. It would also apply to the minority leader position. The 10 year limit would be less than a third of what Michael Madigan served as speaker. And now with WGN sports. Here's David. Good morning, The Blackhawks got down one. Nothing last night. Dallas Look for a few moments. It was two nothing early in the second after Jamie Benn appeared to score for Dallas. That goal was overturned, which proved critical later of the second one meant to CNN. Mark tied it They ended up Get over time through center ice and over the Stars line right wing cuts back through the high slot drops it off here. Suitor to the Met should just go our here's suitor with a handoff from Brandon Hagel on the Hawks win for the second time in as many games in overtime in Dallas, 2.

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