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So he started figuring out like birth things. Even made it didn't had no ideas, we figured out China's a main player, especially when it comes to physical products and start learning how Alibaba was a good catalog for a lot of suppliers not necessarily the part of that we wanted to make because it didn't exist. We would we're trying to make it differently. But you could see through by seeing other similar products who were key manufacturers out there in China. But obviously with two thousand dollars you can't get really far when it comes to to manufacturing really big order. But I refused refused to take the approach we need an investor and take that as an excuse not to not to move forward. So we we made up this whole story that we were massive company out of Boston. And we had a big more board meeting coming up. And and and we had over one hundred board members that we wanted to distribute sample still so that they would decide together if you're gonna place the big order, and the big order was going to be a million million plus dollars but bear with me. We only have two thousand right now for this. So they I don't know if they believe they're not they they did they saw something. And and they said, look, let's go with it. I'm sure the margins were were great for them for that for those two thousand but a. That's the first one hundred units came about they put it on the ship and send it, and then we said, no, we have thirty days to figure out how we're going to sell it for that was the story netted the reason you have thirty days because it was thirty terms for payment or did you set that for yourselves as deadline? So. The first order wasn't. There was no there was no terms yet. That's of yet. It was just thirty days that it took to ship v. To get it over on the containers. Or whatever was gonna take thirty days. What did you guys? What were you hatching at that time? So Ben, maybe take a stab at this like you. I'm sure starting to think about how you might sell these things. Were there any resources websites books or anything that you guys were using to try to educate yourselves on entrepreneurship marketing sales anything at all? Absolutely. And at that point. We we had the time we know of around thirty days to figure out how would we sell these? I quote unquote sample unit. We delved into. First of all researching what decision channels we're out there looking at retail on an especially online ecommerce distribution channels, such as Amazon shopping fi WalMart, I mean, there's a whole range. We are big believers in focus so finding one solution and then sticking with that until it works, even though they might be roadblocks on the way. And so what we did was we spoke to some people some actually some friends of ours who had sold a resold product on Amazon. I think EBay before they showed us, some basic, basic marketing approaches are tactics relevant Amazon and EBay we decided to go with Amazon and test that out and see if it works far products because obviously there's also certain dependency, some channels benef- other products cetera. With that as a starting ground. We then had to figure out. Okay. Let's use this as a base, but how do we actually market our product specifically on Amazon. Now that entailed multiple parts just basic marketing principles essentially, part of that was figuring out the copywriting. So we read I personally read around fall books on copywriting within those thirty days. I took around a two day deep diving copywriting one on one talk by myself that was reading the Borhan letters by by born had he spelled B O R O and the borough letters boring. That is very good. Any other books? You remember there's another one cash retiring cash for ties, which was very helpful recommended so multiple, and then I synthesized all the tactics all the learnings from those books into one big notes document came up essentially with a twenty step sales letter formula synthesizing, the.

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