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Dot com we will start the re fresh with you'll be able to see the new lock hitting stores at target relatively soon that will be the first place that the re launch coaster I'll I'll write go time let's look at that yeah I have a question now do you think there's much of a difference between the dog hair pick up and cat hair pick up as far as that there ever care roller has to be different or I found the extra sticky part of everything now the and that's exactly why so we've got two lines we have our regular general purpose line and then we have our our cat line that's got the fifty percent mark tech out that has a a special a proprietary but he's at the Max that we tested out over the many years and find that it takes up had here the bad so work equally great cat hair dog hair and like I said especially with the mega roller and the for the quick clean if you've got kids that do arts and crafts around the house with later and things like that like my daughter loves to do a lint rollers are also great for that as well so they keep the tech problems down there also they're great if you've got kids in that the home as well well for kids to like get kids and help some all there you got older kids that make messes but I just absolutely I got a hand into you guys say you did it's I just love the pick up because I've tried other lint rollers and my house it's a hair place and I was amazed so I'm very happy to have you online and to have thank you very much to try out ever care products and I will be heading up target very soon to get more thank you so much static hovering coming on bad I got you I passed it thank you very much you're welcome bye bye okay everyone if you got hats he got hair check out ever cares had rollers they really do you pick up. they're so much better than the regular lint rollers I was blown away and having five cats which yeah crazy cat lady here and two dogs crazy dog lady maybe I.

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