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If you're in that majority retirement may sound like a hopeless situation but it doesn't have to be my name is chris okay and i want to help you carpet path you're during return we have to start thinking that retirement begins at some magically each like sixty five or seventy returned it begins when you have enough money to ensure the lifestyle you dream about it's going to take more than a dream you have to get serious about making a plan i've created an assessment tool that helps you know what you need to do to reach three return get your free assessment that chris hogan three sixty dot com what your goal is to look comparably travel to world for half of the money they hope kids with college and to be able to get like crazy you can reached the number it just takes a point go to chris hogan three sixty dot com to start making your plan today if you listen to the dave ramsey show you know we offer lots of books and resources that are online store but did you know we have kids products to you can help get your kids and grand kids started off on the right track financial pete junior helps parents teach their kids about money it's a packed with fun tools and activities and lanes out how to give save end spend wisely juniors adventure is if the fed of six colorful books that teaches values like honesty hard work and the dangers of debt we also had the juniors adventurous bank with separate slots forgiving saving and spending and we haven't forgotten teams we offer a powerful series on dvd called generation change the teaches teams howe all they can be who caught created them to be how to do more with their money and how to get the most out of life the online store is the loaded the stuff for kids their product bundles and fails going on all the time visit the online store at dave ramsey dot com and make sure your kids know what you wish you had known that's dave ramsey dot com.

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