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That they're doing so somebody has to do it read. It's man so the young women are part of what is known as the blue girls club. Growth club oh my guys only guys so fucking ridiculous Blue face blue freeze reason. I can't believe You named yourself that man. This is ridiculous man. But i digress. On nash it though man banning way the video was met with strong reactions on social media with fans With fans colin star quote the next arc. Kelly are you serious. Come on should do better than that. You should not be like r kelly man you not you and not in your in your whole why. Tom ruin music. Career into be like r kelly with the whole out the whole sex coach. She like come on on. This is ridiculous. Anyways who's accused grooming young women as sex oak ash. Anyway get tired or go home. That surviving buffets gotta be crazy. Sic wrote one. Use it while another added okay. So let's talk more about the faces. Basically running for colts. Oh my god. Is i look all right man. This is my whole take on his whole blue face. It may is. He is he like the next. According to the article. Yeah allegedly allegedly. He's like the next anywhere any way. You put it man like you know if you know that he's doing some ridiculous wrong shit. Whatever knowing that knowing that he it's doing something very raunchy young women and you know they don't they don't really look happy man. I hate to say stolman man. But you forcing your forcing them to get a tattoo of your damn. Ugly face is fucking outrageous man and this deserves a buzzer right here. I'm sorry man but this is not right though man like come on i can't even imagine i can't imagine myself or any of my friends doing some shit like this because this is unbearable man like i don't understand i don't understand man i tell you people nowadays just doing dumb stuff just to just to get attention and national. That's that to me is just playing being a screw up. You being screwball to be exact to make you sound like you're really not but you really are screwball. It this case messing around with young. You should be ashamed of yourself. Blue face as an goes in goes to the any goes to the same to our kelly. Both of them should be a same. Why the hell would you take you damn us a career to do some ridiculous sexual favors for young women you can't. You can't be serious. And before i wrap it the before rapid the show I wanna actually Leave off with a motivational positive note and be picking a motivational quotes from inapt down using into initial with a motivational quote as i'm looking I would like to actually say. Hang on a minute. In case you hearing the ice cream Ice cream music. It's it's it's coming from my street so don't worry about that saw so quote goes like this some motivational. Like this though you are never too old to set another goal or to dream another dream meaning in other words in other words you never never You never to never too big to succeed. And if you have the power to actually have a way to empower people with your power by inspiring them to to be able to chase their dreams. I betcha you will have the confidence to actually inspire people. And and that's exactly. You know what. I learned what i learned recently when i actually you know when i recently watched The breakdown sports. Excuse me the break room sports podcasts and actually when i said that i didn't i didn't think i didn't think i was going to get. I didn't think i was going to get a reaction like that. But i do. Commend can main podcast including scorpio. Peewit with with. Marie shos to determine in they are the main reason and along with other podcasters. That inspired me into into making a podcast. Which so far. This is like twenty is.

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