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Losing show like ours chicks in the office in fact the last time we were in the office. I believe that i we mentioned that. We don't like short guys and almost got tossed out of their office in new york mealy but alas they've got a brand new office with an already broken signed so we're so happy to welcome them back on the show fran and ria from chicks in the office. Sorry about your sign. Sorry about your co workers that we called short. Hey thank you for having us. That was a wonderful intro. Yeah great dry. I was taking notes during those guys and starting to do some people a little bit better but that that's why when we combine meghan show. That's when regained. Yeah xactly thank late adding us on. I think when you guys were in the office. All the were intimidated. So it's okay. I'm pretty sure that the last time for the second last time we're in the office trying to find myself a boyfriend there that's true that's true and we went is we're looking for catholic a yardstick and we were holding it up next to men in the office dr bags that we are. Yes you like me looks you over there. Stand up like it well. I am very interested in this. Because i noticed that you had done a pod trade with scrubbing in and you were kind of saying that you are putting the beef the rumored beef of the you know scrubbing in and checks in the office had aside and i was wondering why we didn't have a beef. What would be if they won the people's choice to hide it in. I think it must be yes while one because we're losers and winners and okay. I think they're fans took us a little too seriously when we joked about potentially being rigged many and that didn't sit well with them and their facebook group. They took offense to that. And i wrote a whole blog after. I think that's where they really had a problem with with it because after they had one. I mean i congratulate them as well. But i was joking around saying it was rigged and that did not go over well but then i reached out to them back and tanya because i had seen so many people were damning us. Like oh my god. I can't believe you would talk like that before. So mad so i reached out to them to be like hegazy. Just wanna lay. You know like. I was joking and they never answered me. Yeah no they said they never saw. But we're sharing. We've mended it all are. We're all one. We were joking. It was just the listeners. Now we know who has the lamest community watch out back. I'm walking right into that one and truly if if just saying if the people's choice awards on e. had been rigged. Yes we would. Have we expecting them to rig it in or though yeah we had lined up for both of you guys. Have you guys one. We also went on your show on e it's rigged okay. We think it is rigged the shock. And they didn't it in our favor like they rigged it in teen wolf's favor but not ours like it's kind of up and we were launching a brand new show like we really could've used the momentum that we didn't get renewed. You know you could award. You didn't money probably there you go. I don't need that anyway. I really that award. But i accidentally just got nominated for another emmy. So this'll be my six my six nomination and then if i win it'll be my third wind like i didn't even work there this year. That's award is an award if your names on the list. The names on the list Okay so i have so many things to talk to you about as my jonas brothers experts i want to know did spacemen flop wire the jonas brothers on tour as a trio again. What's happening with nick solo career. I need you to weigh in okay. I'll tell you right now. Sensitive subject space. And i thought was such a good album coming from you know whatever everyone knows. Nick is always been my favorite. But spaceman i thought it was great. The problem is they're just always going to be better together. The hype is just never going to be there for just one of them naked. The only one who's got an anywhere close like when they broke up when they broke up. Joe put out a solo album. I know that in paris look so everyone is like he's the next dressed in timberlake and they just yeah it did not. It never worked. It never clicked. Nick is the only one who's kind of like been able to get there but it's just tough doing a solo album like so close after them getting back together. It confused a lot of people and everyone was like well wait. We just want what happened to the judgment is apple. We were supposed to get a by twenty twenty that they just delayed and neck. Put out this album instead so it was kind of like it was. It was all very confusing and now they're going back on tour together because they just know that they're better together. They're going to sell way more tickets as a jonas brothers tore them. They are nick. Jonas decided to go on tour by himself. We're not putting on out like so. They announced they're they're together. And then nick jones put out his own solo record. Of course it's gonna flop grabbed. I don't think that the space in general as a coup germont for an album ever works the only time it worked was upset it again but don't even hear what you just said okay. I think it's called space cowboy or something. No the records called spaceman. But it's like when people use space as their own the theme or like he was in the helmet and then he was like standing on the rocks. Looking grungy space is just not hungry. Phases not hot. Like because i can't go there with you. Like i realized that i cannot go to spacemen with you so the fantasy. Yeah baby take your die. There's no oxygen there's fantasy there for me. Yeah but it's it's almost more poetic. It's like you loved each other so much you went to space and you just got your oxygen off but you guys didn't care you were together when it happened then you just floated away to your slow death and then everyone's like wow. They went space together and died up. There it's a good way to go out in. My opinion is couch. Went to a dark place really. I didn't think that dark romantic. Don't let her judge. You know questioned from both of you. What were you doing before the podcast and never got to ask you this before. Oh i love talking about this. I well i will say i. Here's this circle tax no pharmacy tack on friend and also before that people love when i bring this up too i was a child model and a hundred from when i was eight years old if he did it. If you didn't know now never brings it up. never so. that's what i did like. I always knew. I wanted to work in entertainment of some sort. I thought i was going to be an actress Many many auditions many failed. But i just. I went to school for film at pace dropped out after one semester. And then i worked as a pharmacy tech every single day because my parents were like you're not going to not go to college and also not work so you need to go to work every day so i did that. A week I was a pharmacy tech. And i loved it like i talk. So fondly of my time is attack. I loved the pharmacy. It wasn't like like cvs or like twain read or something. It was like a family owned pharmacy in my town and the people that work there were amazing and i..

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