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Valid through june thirtieth terms and conditions apply a warning from a top military leader about china's military ambitions speaking at a virtual event at the mccain institute the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff army general mark milley worn china wants to dominate the us military in the coming decades. There are not superior so wanna make that clear right now but their goal is to be superior to the united states military at some time in the future. The mid thirties perhaps into the forties and for sure no later that mid century in fact they've laid out twenty forty nine as their objective to do that in what they call a china drink. Millie china the greatest national security threat facing us at the pentagon. Louis tomlinson fox news. A major cruise line is getting ready to begin sailing again. Just not in the us. Norwegian cruise lines is still waiting for feedback from the cdc on its proposal to restart. Its sailings in the us after july fourth. But it's making plans for other countries. Norwegian says it's oceana cruises will resume sailings to scandinavia and western europe in august. Its norwegian cruise. Line will restart in the mediterranean in september and it's regent seven seas cruises will resume sailing from the uk in september. Norwegian is hoping that requiring vaccination of all guests in crew will convince the cdc that it can also sale from the us. Ginny casilda fox new town. Virginia's the lucky tests. I four drone delivery of girl scout cookies. The town of christians berg has been the testing ground for commercial. Delivery drones operated by wing by alphabet the parent company of google. The company has just added the cookies. After testing delivery fedex packages drugstore items and locally may food they've been using christians burgers. Attest cypher drone delivery since twenty. Nine thousand nine hundred. I'm lisa sarah and this is fox news. Let's talk about your business. 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Ed weather from the heartland news feed weather center. Monday sunny and breezy with a high near seventy seven monday night. Partly cloudy with a low around fifty. Nine tuesday mostly sunny with a high near eighty two. That's the latest weather checkout more news and weather on our website at heartland news keith. Dot com and usa. And here's host. ron bucks. Glad you could join us for this hour of america's sports talk show on doing this for a long time launching the network back in one thousand nine hundred. Eighty eight is the first sports. Talk radio network in the country and that we were only two hours a night monday through friday and now many years later of course we're twenty four hours a day seven days a week with a lot of great varied programming. And you can find it all on our website at sports byline dot com. If you've ever like the email me with the suggestion for an interview on sports byline or any of the other great shows that we have on the network easy to do just are bar at sports. Byline dot com. That's sports byline being. Bya com all one word. So again i like to hear from you and if you're thoughtful enough to email me and also sign it. I'll be thoughtful enough to get back to you as well. I don't know about you but one of the things that i enjoy doing particularly on the weekends. When i'm off as i'll go by a field and i'll see little leaguers playing and i'll stop not only to watch the game because it kind of takes me back when i played little league baseball but also just to watch the interaction between the players and their coaches and also the parents the kids who are playing baseball and even the coaches as well and you probably have witnessed it yourself. First hand were parents will get out of control. Sometimes they see their kids as an extension of themselves and therefore they'll be rate the kids maybe get angry with the coaches or even the empires in particular game. And i really get upset about that. Well we're gonna talk about something and it's with somebody who has great portfolio to talk about it. We're going to talk about that issue. With richard lander if the name for lander sounds familiar. Justin verlander is his son ingested. Of course one of the great union baseball players a cy young award winner an mvp award winner as well. He has thrown a no hitter and he is written meaning. Richard ver- lander a wonderful book chronicling his son's upbringing. It's called rocks across the pond. Lessons learned stories told and from the people who influence justin both good and bad to the tough decisions. Justin had to make along the way in the past he chose richard uses the book as a catalyst conversation about decision making and the importance of childhood. Influences this is a story that you need to hear. And if you have a young athlete male or female. I hope you'll take it into consideration as you watched them grow in athletics. When we come back. Richard verlinden joins us. And you on america's sports talk show. Hi this is ron bar. And i've got great news for anyone suffering from ongoing pain. Due to aging overexertion and the effects of everyday living relief factor is a one hundred percent research based formula that was created to combat the root causes of inflammation relief factor is designed to address sore muscles. Stiff joints aches and general discomfort. You may feel. There are four key ingredients in each approach is the body's natural inflammatory response function from a different metabolic pathway. And they've got something special for sports byline network listeners. You can get their three week. Quick start programme for just one thousand nine hundred ninety five. 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