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Stop something that merely says you're going to have to do what's in your clients best interest so we've been fiduciaries for everything since the day we opened our our doors at we are because of the licence that we hold were held to a fiduciary standard and so that's the difference between a broker in an investment adviser and so we're what's technically called investment adviser representatives and so those people were held to producers standard for everything so folks need to ask themselves do i won't somebody that's fiduciary for all of my money or do i want to keep working with someone that's being forced to be a fiduciary but only for some of my money and they're not being held the same standard for the other accounts that i have that aren't tax defer well i mean if you think about it to it's even deeper than that is not even just your other accounts so so if you're not a full fiduciary which thoroughly i call them partial fiduciaries if you're not a full fiduciary then they may give advice such as should i somehow rental properties and let you invest it all that's not in return account so they a broker major say well i'm not held to what's best for you just tell you what's best for me sl those properties are let me invest your money in how many times do we have people come in here and wanna sell their rental properties and have us and vest on all the time i talked to semi yesterday i can't think of a single instance where i thought that was a good idea well unless there just really you know sometimes it's underwater it the let the math doesn't work the math doesn't work you know they've that big mortgages on them and they're not clear in money and they can't keep a rented and renter's are tournament either there are some reasons not to do it but drew a right you're right there are i mean it's it's a math occasion if the math words it would be it would be ludicrous to get rid of editor salad or whatever i mean it's if it's positive low income and the other thing too like think about this we just talked about security and pensions isn't it better for up to just tell somebody yeah go ahead and take that lumpsum pension let me invested or yellow turn of social security early because if you turn.

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