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He's going to have less impact in the playoffs. When you're going against great pick and roll ball handlers who can pull up for three teams that can really space the floor use it as one of the best offenses in NBA history. James harden is one of the best offense players Nimby history. And if you're putting that many resources of one of your top two guys into a player who just you know, just do to structurally who he is can't have as much effect then. Yeah. If Rigo bears one of your best players you unless the other one is LeBron James or something I do think you're going to struggle to get to a conference finals or an NBA finals, just because. Oh, that's he can't have enough of an impact on the other end as well. But let's see how he plays the the rest of the series that they do have one more game. I think he's gonna play wall tonight in theory, unless they just totally lay down in this game for thought he actually showed more often simply in game three. So I think you're being we'll hard harsh on your problem. I I understand we're having you know, that reminds me we completely glossed over Quin Snyder and the first two games, which was just I mean, you you nailed it to on one every single time down. I mean, it was it that was the crazy. I mean, I know that the bucks were able to do it. But the bucks are much different team. They don't have that can have honest, and they don't have Eric Bledsoe. And they also I mean, I think actually Utah's really miss Dante Exum in the absolutely well, he he's been one of the best at garden harden the last few seasons. Yeah. Now, they image on the offense. And quit Snyder. Like, you complain about the defensive strategy like they're getting a Shillo too wide open threes every game just not making. I mean, that's that Quincy Carter's fall. Right. Well, that's yeah. That's And I thought did. they did actually have I agree with you against wanted to. They had some really nice adjustments in game three to get things. Going to really emphasize getting the ball to the roll man having that guy get deep post position against the weeks. I guard who's smaller to try to help. They have tried stuff. I thought there and their offense looked great to me in the first half. And then they just they really bogged down, but he at least made them go back to switching everything. So I I agree with you having the whole game was one in two for Utah. I thought was just a pathetic effort from their entire organization, basically in those two games. But I I think they've recovered a little bit and hopefully they'll play reasonably well tonight, and maybe even win one. Because I I mean to me they're my most disappointing team. We're gonna right if we're going to get to that pick that series to go seven and two just not even compete in the first two games. And then to not win that game in game three when they made hardened struggles so badly in part because of what they did, obviously. Sure up but to just not be able to capitalize on that. It is just such a display. Yeah. They. Have been you know, I I was like king jazz supporter coming into the season. They obviously had a rough first half of the season. But I thought that they were going to be the third best team in the west this year, and they weren't far off. But I think Yusen is better than they were last year. And that's kind of thrown us off it particular James harden is better and then winning a game with a game that like he had in game in game. Three would not have happened last season. So I think that are are sort of perceptions of these teams aren't quite where they should be. I think Houston is just pretty much what they were last year if not slightly better. And it's really interesting question because Paul to me is definitely worse right defenses worsening. They just don't have the same size. But the scheme is I think they're not witching every single thing. Which means they're not as susceptible to blown switches. And then the back door cuts. And so I actually it was it was one of my questions for for later on. I was gonna ask you if you thought Houston might be better crew..

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