President Trump, Steve Mnuchin, Transamerica Center discussed on Colorado's Morning News


Nine twenty five a little money news now as we turn things well wall street's tried to come back from the rough weekend some catching up to do but right now so far so good the dow is up two hundred and thirty eight points nasdaq is up ninety eight s and p is up twenty eight of course this is off friday's plummeting the dow was down by more than five hundred points the nasdaq and the sp were also down by about two percent there are still worries about trade wars and administration officials are trying to tamp them down i don't expect there will be a trade war it could be but i don't i don't expect it at all but the president is willing to make sure we are free and fair trade treasury secretary steve mnuchin made his comments on cbs whose face the nation when it comes to retirement gender matters courting to the transamerica center for retirement studies only twelve percent of the women they surveyed have high confidence they'll be able to fully and comfortably retire factors they took into account include the wage gap and the fact that women are more likely to work part time without the benefits like a 401k women are also far more likely to take time off work without pay to become a parent or a caregiver that home improvement project sure as gathering a lot of dust the hartford and mit age lab report more americans over the age of fifty are putting off home repairs and some site their health as they get older experts say understanding what needs to be done in preparing ahead of time can really prevent significant home repair costs down the road college students are struggling with basic needs according to a new study from temple universe versity more than a third of college students are struggling to find food and housing of the fortythree thousand college students surveyed across sixty six campuses sixty six percent were considered to be food insecure next update at nine fifty five pat woodard koa newsradio i certainly wasn't freshness robin robin dante fine that's twenty five cents back nine twenty six on colorado's morning news awaiting comments from.

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