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Aright. Cool all right. Let's do this. How are you? What the fuckers. What the fuck bodies. What the fuck sisters. What's happening quarantined? Damn some days right some days. Where's the time go? Is there too much time? What Day is it? What are we? GonNa do today. Wake up like what's the plan for food. I just woke up but I need to structure my day around the food. Let's move towards something. I maybe something in the morning. Then maybe something in the afternoon. Not Don't over snack it no over snack in it. I know that my experience is just a minority experience in a sense. A lot of people out there with families and that cannot be easy and I. I wish there was something I could do to help you. You can't even disappear now. I have to assume crime is down but I have to assume that sadly emotional abuse is probably up let alone probably domestic abuse as well. I know that there are sticklers for staying in. I'm not encouraging reckless behavior. But I'm saying get away from the people you love if you're starting to hate him somehow put on that mask. Take a fucking walk. Go out to your car just sitting in for Fuck Sake. If that's what you have to do sit in the car listening to the music drive around the fucking block. Don't hit anybody. Some people don't have their masks on correctly. They might not be seeing well. Don't text and drive but God damn it if it comes down to you hurting your partner hurting your kid or getting the fuck out of the House and taking a breath do it. Do it be responsible. Don't go crazy but get out before you hurt yourself or others. I'm not hearing a lot of that. Talk. There's some of that talk I'm talking to Rosie o'donald today and this will be the first time we do the Not In person talk which I don't love but this is the world we're living in right now. We're using a thing called squad cast. I believe it's called and I get on a video chat with somebody but the video just burns away not to be saved in the audio should be. We tried to find the one with the best audio so at least I can look at the person but it's still a little weird. I'm talking to Rosie. She's got her. Kids are around one steps into frame so it isn't the same. Maybe I'll get the hang of it. We'll see did a little shorter talk than usual but I'm going to pull my producer. Brendan in here. And with a wild and get him on the on the Horn on the high tech vid Horn because he used to work for Rosie. He was her producer on serious for a year. And a half. Maybe maybe give us some insight but we start rose. He brings him up immediately because he's kind of wrangling things on his side of the country. Also what parade of fucking clowns on TV right? I mean come on bunch of infantile adult dressed up like fucking soldiers protesting in front of State Capitals Against Governors. Who are trying to do the best thing for the majority of the population in their state and these idiots. These children not many of them. I think it's important to remember that that bit of theater whenever it's provoked never that many people to minority in the country and they truly are brain fucked morons who just follow orders from a pathological liar because it makes them feel good. I look I am the first to cop to a certain amount of childishness see and we all will want what we want and upsets us when we can't get it. I saw something on. Tv Amazon Guy Guy worked on Amazon. Saying that you know look your conditions aren't great and you know we're putting ourselves in in in harm's way here in these Warehouses and people are not. It's not all about essential things and I talked to. My Buddy Deane also talked to my producer. Brendan the Odeen Cell and Shit. Online Brennan said our merchant flying off the shelves all of a sudden more than ever. And it's just sort of interesting. The kind of culture we created is that when people are bored or frustrated or aggravated they still the compulsion to buy shit that they may not need but want is is a premium. It's a it's a it's right there. It's the primary need in this culture. I on my thing I want that. Can I have that? Yes you can just order. Let's order it. How how soon can we get it? I want it now. We still want it tomorrow. I don't know how about three days from now. That'll be surprised it'll be like a present. What is that? Oh yeah that's the thing I wanted that I didn't need. That's however Konami flows. Is that worth dying for? That's the other side of it. You get these babies out in the world storming around with their guns. Big Man. Children all suited up. We're willing to die for this economy. We Wanna be able to do this as infringing on our freedom protective measures against the first pandemic that any of these fucking idiots. I've ever been alive for. None of us were alive in nineteen eighteen. This is the first thing and some our another in this brain. Fuck time. We're living in where we have a fucking craven president politicizing everything these fucking morons go out there and demand the right to get sick that it's totalitarian and that it's infringing on our liberties we all just want to get through this. You hopefully in a few months. We'll we'll be somewhat past it. What about that? You can't wait you fucking babies you fucking babies with guns you unbelievable plenty of Infanta Luisa to go around..

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