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This is the earth wherever you may be and however you may be listening live in los angeles iheart radio park sports radio app f one christie where he is joining me on a monday a week plump today a lot of college basketball the bracket will come out one of my favorite 48 hours in college basketball next sunday in the next monday which slipped bracket by this weekend it was a lot of football we have a little bit we have a little news here john goulet the cowboys to is this damarcus lawrenceville very very good pass rusher the cowboys it looks like they're gonna franchise it so i love this kid this kit we said this last you remember about half way through the year we stand the cowboys found their next star football player this kid is a really really elite pass rusher they still wanna do a longterm deal but there one year yeah but of but he's one of those guys were he's worth what it costs to pay for the franchise tags or a dozen you don't feel by jailing okay so you like him go i love him the latest goulet like him i love them too yeah he's great he's it's like seventeen million of franchise and befor great pass russia kind of worth it the way it works in dallas as we always pay attention to the quarterback in the running back in the receiver and it's like i could make an argument like if you consider from maturity to future is this kid is got a better future than anybody he's really really talented they've taco charlton they drafted got better at the end of last year david irving i think he's a restricted free agent cowboys found their pass rusher so there and good spike of like what they're gone so again it's our number three live in la by the way this weekend a bunch of future nfl players in spandex so let's start with that i read this story this morning running back say guan barkley penn state blew everybody's mind the nfl combine he may go number one in the draft while a lotta okay time out so because he in is shorts ran fast we've gone from two years.

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