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They lose and middle tennessee state really good regular season but lost to southern miss in the tournament those three things middle tennessee state notredame oklahoma size i'm up dino should they be in a row about look at middle tennessee now here's my anyone when we were gave your back in bit day nobody wanted to play a date before gator is who they are now you know topfive team in a country number one cheek right now in that's where middle tennessee is now but here here's what i i think when you look at middle tennessee who they did play in the top fifty how did they fare against those teams i think that's the argument against middle tennessee i think when you look at they played against the rpi taught 25 owens who the rti taught fifty owens free now they they played arbor close lost seventy six seventy they play usc close loss eighty nine eighty four they played my andy 'nother three point loss eighty four eighty one show i just think in light of that man i i was there i wish middle tennessee is yet but i think when you look at those taught teams that they did play and how they fared against teams in the field they were over they were owed for five so i i think they are i they are out i think when you look at notre dame for me i think this team is night and day when it comes to with bonds you without bonnici now montes and all american now he won't make it this year because of all the.

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