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The names of these of these coaches what are you what do you think and shane lyons you heard the interview said he's not sure yet what do you think we'll be the impact if any on donations because universities have really settled in into this uh the donation for priority seating i mean that's s become a very very important part of their fundraising and what i don't know is as chain ask are people giving because they want to support the university name want good seats and oh by the way they get a tax deduction if they lose a tax deduction does that impact that substantially what do you think yeah i could get really hard to tell and pete pointed out and at other aid either pointed out to me big know because of the change in standard deduction uh and how many people will be itemising you it can be able to the standard deduction in terms of dollars intent if you really grind and number might actually off dead wrong what you're spending anyway go might be a watching it would be all the same that is really no different than to you go ahead and do that anyway and dumb goal to where you know there's a lot of demand for tickets people are going to be not really interested in giving up their tickets puree it regardless of whether they get that a tax break or not so i mean i think that there's going to be that part of it that's gonna be a factor i mean and another thing for from from the college fox respected in some places there the other potential impact for them is going to be the elimination of the business tax the business entertainment uh spending deduction so you have businesses who by these tickets uh for uh college athletics is uh events particularly in certain areas where are sort of smaller businesses or making those things uh the the not this of the value of the donations but the cost of the tickets uh can be taken as a deduction uh if you're using that for client entertainment or business purposes business promotion purposes uh.

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