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The round so i might as well a fire the round off myself that build bella check be mad hooded genius that he is is intentionally killing the value of malcolm butler so it will be easier for the patriots to resign him in the offseason pressure thought i think that is markeith loyd makes very good conspiracy to hold is what will here's part of the remove all the current evidence could support said conspiracy theory well uh is he trying to bury him and bury his talent i don't know it does to bella check any good to do so now it does even major flaw in my pair look even richard more a n d jamie collins white played on a sunday and then woke up and the next day or two days later they were gone so he does not necessarily sit these guys down he's going to get every little bit of football out of these guys before he sends them away and let's be honest here right it's also part of the value that the patriots operate their organisation under de would they love to have chamber jones right now i think there were some deeper rooted issues with chandler jones that were red flags in giving him a contract long term in all you have to do is look at the conduct of his brothers in the incident that happened with him at he foxborough police station that i think might or did scare the patriots off but let's not also discount the fact that chairman john ends basically got a twelve million dollar per year contract from the arizona cardinals because they needed a pass rusher and i know that bill bella check loves guys who can get to the corner back and he wants people who can sack the quarterback but as i have harped on first almost welford cresting in the six months now here on wpro it's not always about sacks it's about pressure last night's money they football game was a perfect example i was bust dan yorke sebald because that's his team but when you really look at it did you i manning get was he under duress last night absolutely and he got sacked a bunch of times what what was more abundant the pressures or the saxony lie manning because there is a difference and.

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