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What and that was a problem so there you go message to Paul from scripts ranch I I I really hope you keep listening to the show I was having fun you are having fun and I just literally was up against it on the clock I I would love to have a longer conversation about H. a ways and is no disrespect at all I was I was goofing around with you I I just I've had my run ins with H. always and I know you're not tasked with keeping the riffraff out about protecting and preserving the value of the property and and that sort of stuff but that being said you know is the recipient of many the magic letter coming in from the H. away you know it's it's it's always a an unwelcome visit in our example we we never had problems we own our property and so like I we never anybody who came into the property inspection on our building on our on our inside unit I do know there are H. O. A.'s that whether or not it's legal they they they will what they'll do is it's very interesting because if they usually are dominated by like old ladies it's always usually controlled by the old ladies and their mom the old lady militia they go out late at night with a little yapping dogs and they look to see who's having a good time in those with people to get the letters there were there were there been old ladies I I know about an H. away organizations who would key in your unit while you were on vacation and then determine if your decor was appropriate or not really and they would then they would then reserve the right to take you know also the core out of your place and then redo it painted and then they would send you an H. away bill for giving you a more fashionable apartment or a condo you know they might go in the fridge see what you got in there maybe listen you did a little too much on the protein in little more greens here's a forty dollar fine shop properly I just you know swimmers things they would do and the if somebody went out of town for a prolonged period of time and they didn't think you quite for the community they would list the place for sale and then give you the the pay out on the other side and I don't know that that's even illegal because they would say look we own the slab you're merely merely living in the state you all you control as the walls inside the room and that's just that that's how it is and you will refer to me you were referred to me as much as as as my my boss know how they will call him on the bus when I come do not make eye contact with me when I walk by your property checking your lint trap you make sure you do you were very your eyes and you call me ma'am and then you don't listen I'm gonna be mama cancer tumors well listen listen I have heard situations where the the star chamber of the H. away you know when they all sit together decide who's going to be hit next they will send the old ladies out to kind of scout as there's a child playing you know Jack's on a sidewalk or riding a skateboard build they'll give the kid the ride though the play the taser just didn't give the hot sauce right there Hey can you tell me you want to live up to the hot sauce that's horrible breath that's like a do you want to try to yeah Hey let me tell you something your manager in your in your way and the H. away president enters your home or your sleep looking like Pennywise stands over the bed and says I brought you a bowl let me tell you some I'm I'm taking the taser from women like them up right there I'm in with forty thousand volts of truth of you with the full right look you you have to follow the rules and that does include occasionally not camping on the roof of your building and attacked like they get upset about the giver of said cook aus they like drones flying specially stuff armed with hellfire missiles that's not cool Hey I was the first time I was in my H. away first for the July I was there we had neighbors lighting fireworks off and stand on the balcony trying to cook a kebab and a barbecue a bottle rocket landed like six inches from my head I was yelling where the hell's the H. away they said to me we don't have jurisdiction because about a rocket came from a non H. away property is gonna have to stand there with a gun so I just stand there for the next twenty minutes for the garbage can lead like a shield deflecting these.

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