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I don't see anyone else. That's just easily available that I'm like. Yeah. I'd rather have them than a top wide receiver playing with Cam Newton. Because even though camp Kim's kinda like Russell Wilson. They don't pass a lot. But when they do their touchdowns. So the touchdowns is where you're going to get that big bulk at the fantasy point. So I I'd be hard pressed to hear the name of the person, you should drop them. Four would be my question. But you know, what it's always about comparison. Yeah. Well, if I can't drop them now, obviously. But Tuesday when we do our waiver wire show, we'll talk about like, I could see Christian Kirk being somebody that I'm dropping funchess or more for probably I would do that. But Christian Kirk issues you pick up today. I agree. Yeah. I don't know. Why people don't have this guy? The volume's been there all day have Oakland next week. And he's going to be one of our beat the waiver wire guys Christian Kirk is fifty percent owned. I think he's a wide receiver. You should look at it. I think Willie snee- we'll get beat the waiver wire could be all right for you. And PR other thoughts on this game. Great games for Brown and juju Vance McDonald. The Carolina Panthers are this year. What the giants were last year. They are almost a guaranteed. Touchdown for tight ends seven nine games a touchdown to a tight end and seven of nine games so McDonald and Jesse James both caught touchdowns in this game. And here's the last thing from this game. Ben Rothlisberger his second game with more than forty fantasy points and six point passing touchdown leagues. He's unbelievable primetime at home. But his next two games are at Jacksonville at Denver. His his schedule going forward is pretty road. Heavy, of course, two of those games at Oakland at New Orleans. Those are weeks. Fourteen and sixteen so you maybe maybe you'll get away from then the next two weeks after that. You're starting them all the time. But at Jacksonville Denver. How do you think he comes through in those two games? I don't like him those two games. This is why I actually talked about this a lot in the preseason people always poo poo it, but I have a different technique when it comes to streaming quarterbacks. And Ben Rothlisberger is very much in the mix on this. I like to pair quarterbacks and stream them on my own team. I don't wanna go to waivers. I don't wanna use my waiver priority or fab money on quarterbacks. Instead what I do is I draft rothlisburger and Wilson or about Ryan Rothlisberger. Or where my favorite pairing is. Always Russell Wilson Philip rivers because their fantasy numbers always coincide gets better at the end of the season. Philip rivers, always falls off gun. So I like to coordinate those. But yes. So for me. Yes. I would not have about in the next two weeks. Listen, every point counts. Now, we are in the double digits. We are only few weeks away from the fantasy playoffs. Do not drop. Ben. Purpose burger to stream and be cute with Andy Dalton but do keep them on your team because those Oakland New England and New Orleans and the fantasy playoffs and Cincinnati if you playing week seventeen beautiful you can't offer anything better. Absolutely, right. All right. That's it for fifty two twenty one Pittsburgh over Carolina a blowout. And not quite a bonanza. I think I got that one wrong. It's because of the Panthers McCaffrey got all the scoring, but Camden really come through. And neither did anybody in the passing of disappointing game for Greg Olsen programming note for you. So listen, I apologize. So listeners know Saturday mail bag this week. I'll do my best to answer your questions in the inbox. I'll try to reply to you..

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