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The Federal Bureau prisons has power is back on at a detention center in New York City where on Sunday protesters clashed with guards and were pepper sprayed. It was a chaotic scene as Yvonne. Merchants and tried to get inside the jail to see her son Desmond correction officer told me the backup and get out as more people start coming in. They push back. They start spray paint scrapes. The jail was on lockdown without lights and power after electrical fire last Saturday caused the outage. It was also a heating looser congressman Jerry Nadler who visited the facility says he wants answers. It's apparent to me that when this is over we are going to have to have some hearings as to the general not only procedures, but the sufficiency of heating and some other things in these facility at the metropolitan detention center in Brooklyn, I'm delete. Welcome. More of these stories from townhall dot com. European Union powers have officially recognized opposition leader want Widodo as interim president events. Waylon? More of that from correspondent Charles de LA desma Britain has joined Germany Spain, Sweden and FRANZ in recognizing Guido with Thornton secretary Jeremy hunt saying, but as Waylon President Nicolas Maduro have not called for a new presidential election within the eight day time limit set, while Sweden's foreign minister says the election that bought Madurai was neither free nor in Spain prime minister Pedro Sanchez eligible dodo to move promptly towards a fresh vote on. German Chancellor Angela Merkel says why is the gym interim president I'm Charleston on Wall Street, the closing bell. The Dow Jones industrial average posting up a one hundred seventy five point gained twenty five thousand two hundred thirty nine the NASDAQ up by eighty four and the S and P five hundred picked up eighteen points. More of these stories at townhall dot com..

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