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Have their man introduced. Tuesday detainees at a mandate will be the latest designated player in Galaxy History. A reported transfer fee from city of nine point. Five million dollars a three year reported guaranteed contract. He steps into major league soccer in in Los Angeles where he will go toe-to-toe with another icon of Mexican Soccer Carlos Vela Los Angeles also where we find our main man. Hercules Gomez outside of you. You work who is now the biggest major league soccer star in Los Angeles. It's gotta be jetty. And then this dodge respected Carlos Vela in that historic season and who knows what is in the last decade. There is no bigger name and Mexican. Football Jetty DOT added nanny globally. He is recognized in this market in Los Angeles. He's going to blow it out. The water gatos Maala continues to be one of the biggest stars in major league soccer and he was Pry V. Biggest Star with the with the leaving of Slot Brahima bitch that made him departing interest. Say made him. The biggest now comes into the fold. That's out of the question. It's it's gotta be studied for all he's done for all he is for all he represents and what he can possibly do for the galaxy way to second here. If there's anything you're known for saying saying it's that Los Angeles is an l. a. f. c. town and Carlos Knell has undoubtedly l.. AFC STAR are. You telling me that's changed is no along l.. AFC town listen. You've got to win. You have to win. God knows well it comes to major league soccer and he talks about being the best player in the League. He wants to personally only be the best he wants to score more goals and everybody else he wants to watch more assistant embryos I want to be the best player on this is coming to this league and the first thing he says I I want to win championships. I want to add stars. He saying all the right things. Oh by the way he had a message regardless Villa Carlos. Well knows. I'm in the team. The best team the biggest club in this country he also knows I'm in the biggest club in La. The message has been sent. She tries to knows what the game's about getting to the biggest star in this market that the galaxy could possibly win for they got their man and now once again after the parting of selecting which we got ourselves a game you save biggest star what about the actual sure thing that matters most on the field. WHO's a better player see? That's a tricky one. Because I know how you want to play this out that you can score goals and a few years that he went from Westhampton via but where was where was Gatos Vela before a major league soccer. What would they say? What were they saying about him? Coming to major league soccer when this was was going about they were saying he's washed wisely going major league soccer. It's another failure. It's a step down all the same things we're seeing about this and what happened. Got Vela regained form in major league soccer and now the national team wants him back. Now everybody's talking about Godzilla. Hey even the loan was looking at those well. WHO's to six can't do the same she genital? After all is a goal score something that has never been known to Quite be and he's also the bigger player as far as star power. So so who is the better player. Now answer the question. That's so irrelevant. The better player now. TRAE dyson stepped on the field. So you have the the two and the tooth irrelevant to better player soccer. Those are apples to oranges. You should know better than this. You can't compare that league. The Premier Premier League two major league soccer. That's already losing three zero to me. Who's WHO's the best player today? Answer the question. Listen Got Bella is by far the most talented player of his generation talented. What a cop out? WHO's the best player today said? This is so ridiculous. What you're doing gene has been formed? been out of form in the Premier League Carlos. Nelson's better player Carlos Valet better players there yourself so because you know let me talk. You can't hear through that thick smoke that you're trying to let people smoke bombs thrown out. There has been there. You don't let's see it. So who's the better player. It's irrelevant a better player. Because it's gotTa be proven on the field because this is the one thing and you know this very very well you know this very well savvy. He coulda had to historic seasons. He could have been the best player last year as well as he could have done. This crazy amount of number thirty four goals I believe fifteen assists but but if in one season she has let's say more than twenty goals and lists that trophy kick does it matter what got it got. It was well. It didn't pass those down now if you.

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