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And he left a great organization because he wanted to play it he wanted the money good examples i think garoppolo is better than brock i doubt he's as good as steve yang if he falls right in between those two and i think he probably would i doubt he's going to be as talented as steve of his try not see brady's not as talented as steve young and he's better than brock osweiler if garoppolo as in between those two closer to young maybe there are wider we got examples the window has been extended brady's playing at thirty nine breeze just threw for fifty two hundred yards at thirty eight philip rivers thirty five people are living longer athletes are playing more the legislation of the nfl is you can't hit the quarterback he's 25 the window if he played twenty seven to thirty four would be seven years with bela check that seven playoff appearances probably a super bowl or to you win one two i'm not saying garoppolo brady what i'm saying is be very careful about leaving great in this league i'm gonna give you the names of the top football organizations right now in the nfl new england denver pittsburgh green bay seattle baltimore and any team coach by andy reid if you went ten years ago today ten years back the best organizations in football would be new england denver pittsburgh green bay seattle baltimore any team coach by andy re seattle's the exception until they got snyder mp carol.

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