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Fast break and he makes the right reads A Lot 3 on Thursday with a serious trouble face and calls on number. She is pretty strong for his size. He just threw the contact he finished his pretty well. He plays mostly under control too. I like his combination of size and scale at 68215. The jumper isn't quite there all the way and he didn't play a full High School season. He transferred back home like middle to late end of the year another guy that I really want to see how he fits in a way to the Duke system because he played on such a loaded Grassroots team to I don't think it'll be much of an adjustment in I just foresee him having a really big role for Duke this year. Yeah. I get so like I DJ Stewart ahead of him and I think I probably overreacted. I don't know if I'd have that. Yeah. Yeah number. Where do you have the two of them 18 and 19? Bad probably a little higher. Yeah, like I probably should have Jalen at like honestly like I can't get them ahead of like Scottie Barnes for me though where it's Scotty 9 a.m. Okay. Yeah now I think that's fair again watch list. This is before we've seen anything. We're just going to be off of like it's basketball in high school basketball. Yeah, like honestly like I kind of like Caleb love more than Jack Johnson like we're just going to be real about it. So I would say maybe I should have Jalen like thirteen fourteen versus nineteen, but I don't know that there are things there that really worried me put it that way on Jalen Johnson. Yeah justifiable, but he's he's going to end up at a little bit higher than that would be my guess. Yeah, that'd probably be my guess as well a DJ Steward just super high level tough scoring guard. Yes consistent in order to getting every single game. He was ranked outside of the top one off. Like a year before and then just skyrocketed up to 2725 whatever in most Publications, he plays with a pace has a great solid basketball IQ, but he he's a page such a cop-out but he is like a winner like all that one floor for loose balls who makes winning plays he played very well on on his high school team people really high on him after USA Basketball to like the guy that he reminds me of his cock Sexton like in what way go on just in terms of the hyper level of competitiveness the very skinny like that. Yeah, like Colin off probably more attack oriented going toward the basket whereas DJ is more of like a Fearless like pull up shooter like with the polished like step back game. Whereas column was just like attack attack attack. But TJ even dozen probably have that same level of like quickness that call in half. Yeah. It's not quite like I don't necessarily see DJ Stewart is a 20 points per game NBA score or having the impact off. Collin Sexton did it is one year in college, but I get the parallels right just like a kid that plays incredibly hard despite being incredibly skinny and is just fearless and hyper hyper competitive. I probably had DJ a touch too high because these are guys that I tend to really like and I tend to get excited about and then like they don't totally work out in the way that I want them to do because of like efficiency concerns. Yeah. I always get that crap to like a guy just a sucker for a late bloomer in a good story like you are right. Well, yeah like the key is knowing where your weaknesses are like my weakness is guys that are hyper-competitive and give a fuck off..

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